Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Blog Keeping

Mum helped us out and worked on the blog on New Year's Day while she was sort of watching the feetsball games. Mum had the moving picture box on for three consecutive games. Yikes. We went off and napped, we isn't that into feetsball. Mum says she isn't either, but it was background noise.

The games that mum watched:

Mum Paula's team the Gamecocks won

Our team, Bucky Badger losted

One of mum's furiends, Christine, Northern Illinois Huskie  losted

Mum said she was getting brain dead and didn't watch the whole of the last game. 

So back to our blog keeping. Mum went through the links that we had and checked to see if they were still around or at least have posted something in the past year. If not, buh bye! Then she added linkies to newer furiends we have made recently.

Then she added some of our badges and awards that she hadn't got posted on our side bar. So we think we are caught up with that.

Mum looked back to see how much we have blogged too and we don't like the trend. Getting less and less and we don't like that. The first full three years with just Derby blogging it was on average 235 posts for the 2006-2008 period. Starting in 2009 it has dropped to under 200 per year. Now we understand in 2010 she had her hands full with Grampie, but with two kitties, we should have more in the past two years. We are going to bug her about this and hopefully do better in 2013.

We spent a lot of time napping......
......and got some good noms, both stinky goodness and some of mum's dinner for New Year's Day.


  1. We definitely recommend more blogging! We were amazed to discover that having started to blog in 2008, last year was the first year when we blogged every single day!

    The Chans

  2. them darned Badgers....those Wolverines losted too. ugh.

    love you guys....and yeah for sharing your mom's dinner :)

  3. We were thrilled for Mom Paula's gamecocks. Now who is up for some chicken to celebrate?

  4. Happy New Year sweet ones and thank you very very much for your concern for Rachel, who's doing much better.

  5. I always enjoy seeing you two, so yeah, see if you can get your human to help you blog more!

  6. We think you are looking mighty fine and those yummies look terrific!

  7. We tink ya better post more too cuz me & smarty pants Jada like reading about ya.

  8. Our moms get the slows sometimes, kids. I know mine sure has!

  9. D & D

    tell yur mom de onlee game ta watch be next monday

    notre dame 56,890

    alabama. 0


  10. It is funny how you like the human food! I won't touch it...not even that good looking crab and stuff.

    I can't get the lady to post every day. She's lazy and unimaginative.
    Good help is hard to find.

  11. We definitely think you should do more blogging!!

  12. I am a great believer that the Humans should help us blog EVERY DAY. After all, what could be more important?? Unfortunately for me, the Human, after doing my bidding for 2012, seems to be balking at continuing our daily output. She says I have to take some responsibility and do some more interesting stuff. Hmm. I think I *DO* do interesting stuff. I think this is what you call an "impasse."

    Kinda like Congress, eh?

  13. hello there, it is lovely to make your acquaintance! Thank you for visiting us and for taking time to leave a comment. We wish you a happy new year and love your blog! keep it up! Great. Love Darcy, Bingley and Helen xxx

  14. looks like you had a great news years even if mr. bucky didn't do so well.


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