Friday, January 18, 2013

Shuffling Furniture

Mum continues on her quest to clear stuff out make things nicer for her and us. She got to moving the stuff around.
Desk from just inside the door to the far corner, but our table is still in front of the window so we can see out.
Grampie's big old filing cabinet to the opposite corner. Bed from being against the wall to sticking out.
The little file cabinet sitting where the desk was, but once mum gets it empty, it will be gone or repurposed somewhere in the house.
Looking from the desk to the door.
Mum got some of these, she just put them under the desk and filing cabinet, then she could push them around without hurting herself. Yes, Trout Towne Tabbies, mum knows to take the heavy drawers out to make them lighter.
Mum can get at both closet doors, she is happy about that, cuz at some point that has to get cleared out too.
Checking out the new spaces. 

Mum even got one of the drawers all cleared out from the small filing thing. That big white basket is nearly full of papers that need to get shredded. But with moving things around, mum can actually plug in the shredder again!

Mum will continue working on more of this today. Probably get the little filer cleared out and moved. Then she may take the weekend off to do her regular chores.


  1. shredddin !!!! did sum one menshun shreddin !!!! we spesh a lize in shreddin....knead ta avoids de eye R and ess...give uz a call coz we eggs cell in shreddin !!!!

    hope everee one haza grate week oh end :)

    sinz we canna score with notre dame any mor

    San Fran; 85
    who ever they be playin: 3

  2. We are always most impressed when we see this kind of work going on, as it is such a rare occurrence over here...

    The Chans

  3. Oh good for you guys and your Mom! Isn't it rewarding to get things cleaned out-especially with new spots to check out and hide in-MOL

  4. It is looking good with lots of space now.

  5. Even when it's better in the end, we don't like it when furniture gets moved! You boy better hide!

  6. Your mum has been so busy...and has accomplished so much!! The mom says she can come to our house if she runs out of things to do at your house. ;)

  7. Concats to your mom for doing such a great job de-cluttering your house! Maybe she can come down here and give our mom some ideas what to do with all our clutter.

  8. Boys! I am impressed that you have gotted your Human to post efurry day for you! A carefully placed claw or toof can go a long way toward motivating a reluctant Human. I hope you needn't resort to such measures just yet, though, as it is only January.

  9. I must say that I really like how you switched up the feet. The little bun feet look as if they've always belonged. Good job! office furniture

  10. That sure looks like way too much work to me!

  11. we 'down sized' when we moved from our home last September to this new to us rental place. It is very nice, but we don't own our home anymore. BUT, Mom successfully purged 23 years of paper files from some of her largest consulting clients, so she and Dad went from about 15 file drawers to 3!!! Pawsome!! And we recycled everything!! go for it Derby and Ducky, help Mom, she can do this!


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