Thursday, January 3, 2013

Deaded Bunneh

When we looked out the front windows we noticed a dark furry lump laying in the snow.

Mum went out and checked it out, it was a deaded bunneh. There were tracks that showed something might have dragged it to this spot. Then left it there.

Mum said she could see something had chewed at its neck where the wind pipe would be. So cold outside, but something found this bunneh in its hidey spot.

Mum is going to move it under one of the pine trees where it can be RIP (rot in peace). Mum! that is no not nice, but I guess it is OK. Better under the tree than in the middle of the front yard.


  1. Ooh, mebbe a werebunny kilt it! In anny case, yeah, let the poor bunny return to the earth... Bunny to earth, earth to clovers, clovers to bunnies. The circle of wild life.

  2. The life of a cottontail is often short. Our human staff once saw a hawk on the ground along the side of the road, and he stopped a short distance away for a longer look. But the hawk flew off anyway, and the rabbit in its talons dashed into the bushes. Our human was more unhappy at depriving the hawk of a hard-earned meal than happy at saving the rabbit.

  3. We get canned food with rabbit sometimes. I hope any blogging bunny friends of mine don't see that!

  4. Poor little bunny. It's too bad though that something just left him there.

  5. Gosh, too bad you Boys didn't even get to play wif it a little!

    The Human says my comment was "insensitive". Hrrmph. Well, evidently she thinks meat comes in plastic trays from the Safeway.

  6. Move it under one of the pine trees will be good idea, I guess no one wanna see icebunny with no head when the snow melt down.
    Pray for the bunny

  7. Maybe that bunny will provide nourishment for some creature in need?

    The Chans

  8. D & D....tell yur mom it mite be from a stooooooooopid coyote...if you iz a loud outside, be veree veree cautious; better yet...stay IN

    ...seer ee iz lee....

    de coyote mite have getted de hare but then getted scared by sumthin ore sum one... N dropped it for he took off...


  9. Well, the lady hopes the bunny's death was quick.


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