Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crow's Feast

HiYa Ducky here. Mum was slow in getting our deaded bunneh under the pine tree. Instead, the crows have found him and are having a grand old time picking the bunneh apart. So mum will just let the crows do their thing.

Mum caught me watching, making my chittering noises. Such big fevvers and so close!
Yeah, I see you mum trying to take my picture watching the fevvers. Can't you leave me to just watch?

Guess what, the crows did do their thing. Later in the day from when the top pictures were taken, the bunneh was gone! Mum thinks they flew off with it to someplace they can work on it in peace.
Good bye deaded bunneh and crows. 


  1. Well, it's truly the "circle of life." At least the bunny, in death, has contributed to life.

  2. How convenient that the crows did your human's job for her!

  3. Isn't nature grand-little messy LOL-but grand.

  4. that's the circle of life in the wild...glad I am inside...

  5. It look like a scene of murder in da movie, and you are a witness...MOL
    Careful my friend, mummy is going to come to eat ya belly...tee..heh...heh

  6. At least the crows saved your mum a jog and cleared up the dead bunny for her. They are like nature's dustbin men.

  7. stooooooopid burds due that round heer two D & D...cept they leeved half de carcass on one last summer ...

    we wuz grossed...

    N we wont men shun last evenings tee and vee....

    guess therez all ways next yeer :(

  8. Nature at its best. Circle of life & all that.

  9. Those crows musta been fun to watch.


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