Saturday, January 12, 2013


It may be supposed to be the coldest time of year, but heck it has been so nice the white stuff on the ground is gone, except if it was piled up.
Back yard
Front yard
Some little critters making tracks in the yard.

We are getting ready to start watching feetsball. Well mum is going to watch feetsball, we plan on napping. Mr Peyton place first, the our Packer boys taking on Spitty's Niners. Time for a smackdown.


  1. The weather has been weird everywhere,

    Your feetsball sounds like Chinese to us...

    The Chans

  2. We know you usually have photos of lots of snow this time of the year. It is cold and wet here.

  3. We had 60 degrees today. It was awesome! The mom is watching the Broncos/Ravens game right's in OT.

  4. And while it has been warmer for you guys, it has been colder for us here in southern California - about 15 degrees below normal!

  5. Soon birdie tv will come back ifin the weather keeps up with the warmth. Go Pack!

  6. It reached 80 degrees here in SC today.

  7. Warm and sunny here.

    The Florida Furkids

  8. Wellllllllll, it *was* kind of a smackdown, all right. Heh, heh. ;-)

  9. Aww, you're nice. I imagine all the Human's family in Milwaukee are having a giant sobfest right now. I don't think they'd be very nice to the Human if she called them right now, ha ha ha! I don't think she'll risk it ;-)

    So tomorrow's the Bird Match with the Seahawks and the Falcons--hmmmm. I dunno. Might be fun to have a West Coast Championship!


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