Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

Mum is on her quest to get rid of the clutter and junk in the house. So she took a bunch of stuff to Mr Good Will today. This was mostly what she took out of Grampie's stuff. 
But the full boxes are gone and so much of the stuff is gone too.
Doesn't look too bad, thanks for bringing one box back for me, you need to work on that pile of shredding. Derby and I can't help with that, no claws remember!

Then she came home and attacked some of her stuff in that little chest of drawers. Most everything was just junk, stuff that got tossed in to get it out of the way. A few things had value. Mum found all of her certificates saying she had graduated from school. Yeah mum, we know you went to school and that you are all sorts of educated.
But then since that little piece of furniture is empty, it is going to go away. Mum moved it out and will be shuffling the furniture around. Says she needs to go to the store to buy some furniture sliding things to help her move the stuff.
Besides here education certificates, she did find a cute little quilt that her Grammie made for her for her dolls. And her tassel cord from graduation, she thinks we can play with the tassels.
Oh, as a reminder, this is what it looked like just after mum and Uncle Flip brought all the stuff and dumped it into the room.
Yeah, a big improvement. Now we have room again.


  1. It is very satisfying when you get everything all tidied and sorted. Well that's what our mum says. We wouldn't know.

  2. I think you all are doing good, we still got stuff everywhere!

  3. Yay, more room for you kitties to play in!

  4. Mebbe TBT will find that stuff. He does Good Will Hunting sometimes.

  5. Wow--she has done a ton of work in there. I'll bet you boys helped a LOT, right? No? Well, I *was* being sarcatstic, you know. Ha ha ha!

  6. that bee box heaven D & D...we wood haz sum sads bout us ta see em all go a way two....

    oh, N tell yur mum....if de piece haz drawers N stuff...take em out, then....onlee if her CAN....pick up a leg oh de furniture piece; stik a run under it, due de same with de opposite leg and her can pull de piece more eaze a lee cross de room; her can also tip de piece on itz "top" on two a rug N pull it that way...if her CAN

    we doez knot knead ta heer her messed her bak outta wack


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