Monday, January 28, 2013

ManCat Monday

A cat is never vulgar. - Carl Van Vechten

Well, maybe we should make sure we know exactly what this word Vulgar means! This could be part of Savannah's VBP (Vocabulary Building Program)!
a : generally used, applied, or accepted
    b : understood in or having the ordinary sense 
2   vernacular
3  a : of or relating to the common people : plebeian
    b : generally current : public
    c : of the usual, typical, or ordinary kind
4  a : lacking in cultivation, perception, or taste : coarse
    b : morally crude, undeveloped, or unregenerate : gross
    c : ostentatious or excessive in expenditure or display : pretentious
a : offensive in language : earthy
    b : lewdly or profanely indecent 

Guess it depends on which of the five deffy-nitions you want to pull out. Maybe in some case we might be vulgar. We don't lack for cultivation or taste, we are not crude and we always do our best to not use words on the bad word list. 

We had a changing Sunday. Cloudy all day, then after a ham lunch, it started to snow, then a bit of sleet, but not really the ice they mentioned. That is good.

Mum did her chores and got the laundry all done, readed her book. We did this, rested.


  1. Our Mommy says we are often vulgar. MOL! Whatever could she mean? Happy Monday, kittehz!

  2. If you go by when nipped I can be a bit vulgar with the tummy display mew.

  3. D & D....phew...for a breef minit we thinked ewe said a cat iz never vulcan N we wuz like wait a minit...spock be R fav oh rite character on star trek.....then we reeded it again.....phew......

  4. Well we think you are did marvelous!

  5. Gosh! There are enough long words in the definitions to keep our nose in the dictionary for a year!!!

  6. I think you are good kitties and would never be vulgar. Sleeping is the best thing to do in this weather.


  7. There is nothing vulgar about either of you. Mum says we have our vulgar moments, but of course she lies.

  8. We don't think either one of you is vulgar!

  9. Resting is the best part of the weekend!

  10. Nope, no vulgar here, just goodness!

  11. My Human uses waaaaaaaay too many HBO words and they hurt my tender kitty ears, yes they do.

  12. Well I'M certainly never vulgar. I'm a perfect lady. heh, heh.

    But that Waffles Too character...he's another story altogether!

    : ) Katie

  13. Hey Derby and Ducky! My name is Catastrophe and I am a movie star! Check out my film debut over here: :)

  14. we is nefur vulgar! ok, maybe when we poot or burp. but only then


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