Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Big Cold Box Magnets

Mum decorates the big cold box door with magnets. Some are of purrty pictures, some of them are of kitties!
Mum says this one is a famous French poster of a place called the BLACK CAT in Paris very long ago.

These are lots of little magnets with kitties who look like some of my blogging buddies. Maybe Max, the Meezers, Brandi. Looks like our gang is making it into some purrty places.


  1. I like Steinlen's black cat too, 'cuz I could have been his model.

    -- Nicky (Kelly Cat's brother)

  2. My fave kitty is the one that's on top of the cold box.

  3. Cool magnets! Of course, we are partial to the Meezer magnet!

  4. Our Momma has lots of cat magnets too! I guess they just don't get enough lookin at us and have to have kitties all over the place!

    Patches Lady

  5. Your human pet has quite the collection! Mine was wondering where she got the Chat Noir one. She loves vintage things. I personally enjoyed the feline ones best! You're right, Derby: They do look like our friends online.

  6. Ohh PMB ::blushes:: Thank you.

    Zeus, mum gotted all of them in Chicago last summer. The Chat Noir was special as there was an exhibit on TooLouse-Lautrec and other guys who did posters. The exhibit was at the Art Institute of Chicago.

    The little ones she found in a different store across the street from the Art Institute.

    She buys magnets when she goes places. So some are fancy art pictures, others of places she has been. Or just general stuff, some of them were free.

  7. Derbs

    My Momma has that french black cat on a plaque that she hangs on the wall. She thought it was really cool too.

    We like your magnets..Momma has several Tuxie magnets on the fridge which she uses to keep me and Boo's pictures up!


  8. Those are nice magnets. We have some ginger kitty cartoon ones, I will try to get my mum to photograph them so you can see them. Also we have one of the Space Needle in Seattle from the last time my mum and dad went across the big pond to Mericky.

  9. Our Mum has magnets, too! All kinds, kitties and places and restaurants. Mum saw a giant kitty magnet in a store last week. She's still thinking about getting it.

  10. Ours has travel magnets. When ever they go someplace new, she gets a magnet. We also have kitty ones and hockey ones from every year the boy played hockey from age 5 to age 18 in highschool. We should take a picture!!! That's a great idea!

  11. Y'know those fridge poetry magnet sets? The ones with lots and lots of little magnets with words on them? Well, they come in a 'kitty' edition with all kitty words! Guess which one I bought! :)


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