Monday, May 22, 2006

Shopping Spree

Well, maybe not an exactly a spree, but mum broughted home the weekly food stuff from the store, and other stuff from other stores. I jumped into the car to check out to see if she gotted me anything. Hmph, I didn't find anything for me, no food or treats, but one bag was shut real tight and mum putted it in my section of the cupboard. Hmmm, I wonder what she got me??!!
While I was out there I checked out some more of the stuff in the garage. I ended up in the recycling bin. Yes, that is me, a recycled kittie!


  1. Derby, you are a curious boy. Of course now we are curious, too, about what you are getting...

  2. You can bet, if she putted it in your part of the cupboard, it is something speschul for you, Smiley Boy!

    The Mom says to tell you, no, she didn't take the picher of the swords in the sky.

    Patches Lady (Smiley Girl)

  3. Very enviromentally concientious Derby ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko kO

  4. Sounds like you are getting quite the present!

    I thought you recycling bin was a ginormous litter box!

  5. We don't dare jump into the belly of our beast. You are brave Derbs.

  6. Derbs

    Have you ever thought about learning how to drive?


  7. *Abby,

    Why should I learn to drive? I would much rather be chauffered around. hehehe.


  8. Don't let the recycling people pick you up by mistake!

  9. Derby how environmentally conscious of you! You are so helpful to your Mom! I'm glad she had a good safe trip and that you were safe and happy in the kitty spa. I wonder what treat you are getting! Maybe a little sister like I got??? Speaking of HER, I'm sponsoring a contest to name her. Any ideas??

  10. Ooooo! A secret present! I love it!

    And it is nice to see you helping out with the recycling, Derby. That is so thoughtful of you!


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