Thursday, May 11, 2006

My Magnetic Purrsonality

Mum founded this at the store. Hmm, I don't remember posing for this, but it sure looks like me. I figure I better check this out closer.

I couldn't quite get it off the door to really play with it. But it sure is cute, just like me.

Ohhh, I didn't tell you guys, for my Gotchaversary, mum gotted me some Stinky Goodness. Just for a treat.

Today, mum came home a little early from work and then worked on her 'puter here. Said it was safer to drive home when there was less traffic.

It has been windy and rainy all day. The purrty flowers from the crabby apple tree are coming down. So it looks like there is pink con-fet-ti all over the grass. I have been sitting on the heaty spot to stay warm, 'cuz it is not very warm today.


  1. That is the mostest cutest little kitty magnet. I can see you worked hard to swipe it off. Your little forehead looks dark in the second picture. It looks like a kissing forehead to the Mom.

    Patches Lady

  2. Derby, that looks just like you!!!

  3. That does look like you, Derby. Maybe someone saw your pict on your blog. And we found Vir-ginger's ears in the flower pict. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  4. Derby, were you kissing the magnet in that second pikchur???


  5. did you get paid to model for that magnet?

  6. All the magnet needs is a little red collar and he could be your "Mini Me"!

  7. It is cold and wet and rainy here, today, too.

    At least you have a heaty spot!

    Stay warm and take lots of snuggly nappies!

  8. Derby

    Maybes your Momma had that made to your likeness to surprise you for your Gotversary!


  9. That's bizarre that someone made such an incredible likeness of you. Are you getting any profits? If you're not, I think you need to investigate this.

  10. So cute, Derb! You should put that magnet in your modeling portfolio!

  11. Thanks Derby. I DID catch that rabbit for mine Mom. I don't gots front claws so I had to work REALLY hard to do it & does SHE appreciate it...NO!!!
    PS: Tha bunny didn't make it.

  12. Derby,
    Can you go to my profile page & send me an emsil? I want to explain to you about the links? :)


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