Sunday, May 7, 2006

Gotcha Day - One Year Ago

I was so excited knowing that my blonde lady would be back. Our morning was pretty routine at the shelter with feeding and getting our cages cleaned.

But then after lunch all of a sudden one of the shelter techs came, took me out of my cage and into a back room. They gave me a stabby shot in the back of my neck. The tech was very nice and said she was giving me a chip to make sure I could be found, if I ever gotted losted. Then she put me inside a carrier, which had soft towels on the bottom and carried me out to the lobby.

The lobby had lots of people and was very noisy, but they sat me down on the floor and I looked up and there was my blonde lady. She leaned over and said hello. Then after a few more minutes, she gathered her stuff, some papers and ME!!!!!! She was taking me with her!!!!! She wasn't just coming to play with me she was taking someplace else to play.

She carried me out to her car and carefully loaded the carrier into the car and secured it with the seat belt. Then got in and started the car. Plus she leaned over and said the the majic words to me. "Derby, lets go home". HOME, I was going to my furever home. Plus I learned my new name. It had been Benny, and I liked Derby better.

On the drive home, I did lots of talking. The blonde lady just kept softly talking to me. Saying we are going home, I love you, don't be scared. So after a bit I quieted down and even took a very quick nap.

Then the car stopped, the blonde lady got out and took some stuff in the house and then came and got me in the carrier. She just left me in the carrier for a few minutes while I adjusted to being inside. She got some food and water ready for me and then opened the carrier door right by the feeding bowls.

Well, I didn't waste any time. I came right out of the carrier, sniffed at the food and then went and jumped into the kitchen window. FREEDOM to wander!!! Very important to us kitties.
The blonde lady just watched me and let me wander around. So after checking out the kitchen, I did the family room, living room and then down to the dungeon. Down in the dungeon, I found my litter box. I just continued to check out the house for the rest of the day.

The blonde lady just left me do my thing, she worked on her house works stuff and laundry. Plus we watched the Kentucky Derby on TV. She didn't try to smother me or pick me up. But she did give me a few treats from her hand and scritches when I came around to sit by her. I felt so comfortable that by night I even jumped on her bed to sleep. Purrrrrrssss. It was a good night and I slepted real well and kept watch as well. I figured I had a keeper here and didn't want her to disappear.

The next morning, Sunday, I had been awake and 'sploring the house some more before anyone else was outta bed. I came up from the dungeon with my face full of spidey webs. Mum, yes I could call her mum now, laughted and helped get the mess off. She knew I had been in spots she didn't or couldn't get at to clean.

We just spent a quiet morning, me checking out the rooms mum hadn't closed the doors to, mum reading her newspaper. Then in the afternoon, I got to meet mum's Dad, Grampie. He was very nice, even though he kept calling me 'Gary'. He learned my correct name real soon.

Again, I felt safe and comfortable, with this nice blonde lady. Thanks for giving me a nice home, Mum. Purrrrs.


  1. What a great ending to the story...although also a beginning! Happy Gotcha Day, Derby!

  2. Happy Happy Gotcha Day, Derbs, my smiley boy........

    We just loved reading your story, so the Mom is working on one for Mittens, and then for me too. So nice you found such a wonderful furever home! We are lucky poodins!!


  3. Happy Gotcha Day, Derby!

    We, too, loved reading your story. It reminded us both of how our human pet found us, and how life just wouldn't be the same without her.

    Your human pet sounds very wonderful. May you have many more days and nights to share together!

  4. A great story Derby. I enjoyed reading it very much. I wish you a happy "Gotcha Day" and wish you many, many more.


  5. What a wonderful story, Derby. You are such a good reporter! Your mum and you were both lucky, lucky that day when you came to live with her. You two are perfect companions.
    Happy gotcha day Derby!

  6. Happy Gotcha Day, Derby! We were thinkin' of you yesterday; we loved readin' your story, too!

    Hey, Strider wants to know how you escaped the temperature takin'!?

  7. As a formerly homeless cat, I enjoy reading stories like yours, Derby. You knew how to make a good human fall in love with you, and now you've got it made! Happy Gotcha Day from all of us, too!

    (Hope your butt's feeling better now after the shots... my turn's next Saturday.)

  8. happy gotcha day, derby! derby's a way cooler name than benny, so we're glad you got a furever home AND a new name!


  9. Happy Gotcha Day Derby! This is one of the bestest stories efurr!

  10. That's such an awesome story Derby. I hope you had a great Gotcha Day!


  11. Once upon a time there was this sweet kitty named Benny who became Derby and went to live with the beautiful blonde lady in a wonderful home and lived happily ever after....

    Awww that was so sweet. Thanks for sharing Derby!


  12. You have such a fantastic memory, Derby, of that awesome day one year ago. Congratulations!

  13. Oh Derby that was great! I hid under the sofa for a day but Scooby is such a little scardy cat he hid in the basement behind the furnace and in the fireplace for A WEEK! -Shaggy

  14. You and your Mum were obviously made for each other! We're so happy for both of you.

  15. Sorry to be soooo late, Derby . . . we've been followin' your story & it's great! Glad that you and your mum met each other. A very Happy (tho be-lated) Gotchya Day!


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