Saturday, May 27, 2006

New Plants

Mum's plants are still alive tonight. She has been out giving them lots of water to drink. It is going to be furry hot here tomorrow for the firsted time this year, up in the 80's F and humid. Not much rain, so mum gets out the hose to give all of them good drinks.

So here is what she did. The front of the house, once the tulips and daffs died back didn't have much there. So she wanted to put in stuff that will grow all the time, like shrubs. So there is now a tall arbor vitae (the tall green thingy) and two green and gold (hmm, Packer colors) euonymous. They should grow up to be just under the windows. There are two, one is on the other side of the green thingy.
Then mum putted a four-sy-thia in the front flower bed and two day lily things to give flowers later in the summer. As of now this bed was mostly spring bulbs. Plus there are some pee-o-nees, that are growing there too. With so much green stuff it is hard to see, but it is on the end of the flower bed here.
Then, one last thing was a a-zale-ya, a pink one this time. She already has an orangey one. This is one of mum's favorite plants and they finally have them where they can live this far north. You just gotta cover them in the winter with a blankie to keep the wind off. This is in the back where we can see it from the bedroom window.
But wait, there is more. But I will tell you about that tomorrow.


  1. Oh, we love to see all the fun planty things your Mom did. Our Momma has an orange azalea that is just blooming now.

    Patches Lady

  2. Mom's acited cuz last year, she gots two road-a-den-dron a-zale-yas and they lived thru winter an one's finally blooming (the other will soon, too). They're "blue" I fink. Not blue like the sky but blue like gardeners call pinky-purple. Love your garden, Derby!

  3. Your mum has been very busy with her gardening! The weather here's been terrible (we had a freak hailstorm this morning) so there's a long list of gardening jobs waiting for when we get a sunny day.


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