Saturday, May 27, 2006

How Dirty?

How dirty can one woman get in just a few hours? Well, mum managed to gets real messy when she was planting this morning. Grampie, on the other hand stayed clean. But then he supervises and mum does the work.
So mum tooked off all of her messy clothes and is taking a shower to get herself clean. Plus the rest of the stuff in going into the laundry.
Me and Vir-ginger stayed out of the way. I watched for a little bit, then decided that my nap was much more important.
Pictures later of the stuff she actually planted.


  1. You momma and mine are the same, they get so dirty! Mommas hands and nails are disgusting; don't touch me with those....

    It has been cold and rainy here. Momma took everythng in pots and covered them last night cuz Jack came to visit again! Can you believe that? I watched for him, but never saw him this time or I would have spit at him.

    Momma says yeah for pichers!

    Patches Lady

  2. Momma mowed the yard tonight and she had green all over her.


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