Thursday, May 25, 2006

Purrayers for Edselsmom

Well, firsted we all need to keep Edselsmom in our purrayers. She is going to need surgery soon and the family is concerned. Just when Edsel got the long arm of the Canadian law off of his tail, now this. Please keep them in your thoughts.

Mum has been going crazy with bring home plants, big and small, from the stores. Three nights in a row she has broughted home stuff. Some of this is as tall as she is. Guess she will have lots to work on this weekend. Mum says Grampie will be coming over to help dig holes for the plants.

On the way home tonight, mum was driving when an animal ranned across the road in front of her. At firsted she thought it was a cat. But then on a second look the back and tail looked funny. She drove slowly but gotted close enough to get a really good look. It was no kittie but a RACCOON! Who was that masked animal? Rocky?


  1. We will say an extra prayer for Edsels mom.
    My mama went store shopping too, but she only got some tomato plants to grow on the patio. She didn't see any raccoons when she was out, but she said she bets that was an exciting thing for your mama.

  2. Visit our blog tomorrow......we came up with an idea to support Edsel's Mom. We are sad.....

    We have raccoons, they eat Mistrie's food, so Momma brings it in at night.

    Patches Lady

  3. We will be saying prayers for Edsel's human pet/Mama. Hopefully, all will turn out well soon.

    As for raccoons, they like to play in the human pet's garbage can in the City of Outside. I don't know why they like garbage, but they must not have any taste.

  4. we feel so bad for Edsel and Edselsmom. Mommy sent her an e-card so we hope it makes her feel a teeny bit better.

    we don't have racoons around here - just hedgehogs. and skunks!!

  5. We will keep Edsel's Mom in our purrayers.

    Have fun with your Grampie this weekend and be careful of the raccoons. I don't think we have them in caTexas.

  6. We are thinking of Edsel's Mom.
    Raccoons are scary. We both watch one that visits at night. It's very large and fierce looking. The beans don't appreciate how we protect them from such wild ones.


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