Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Well, I am back from the spa. It was OK, but I would much prefer mum didn't have to go away. I had a single 'condo', they have doubles which are big enough for two kitties, but mum didn't spring for the extra cost on that for me. Hmph. But then they were all full too!

Mum dropped me off on Sunday night and picked me back up tonight on the way home from the airport. So not a long time, but I missed mum. I also missed being able to wander around at will.

But I did have play time every day with the spa people. They would take me out and let me run around the kittie room. They had chasing and pouncing toys that I could work with. Mum also brought along my blue mousie so I had one of my own toys.

I could check out the other kitties, but we were not all allowed to get out and play at the same time. We had a few chats and none of these kitties have blogs. I told them all about the kitties I have gotten to know all over the world from blogging. They were impressed that we have such a great community of kitties out there. Mum saw one very cute kittie when we checked in, a small tiger. But she wented home on Monday. Then today mum liked the calio who was there. But once she was there, I got out and right into the carrier so we could go home.

Plus you could hear and smell woofies. Mum says the other part of the building is for woofies to stay and a beauty parlor for them. I am sorry, nothing, no amount of time and money spent on woofies will ever make them look as good as us kitties. Our natural beauty just shines through.

Mum hasn't had time to fill me in on her trip, so now we just need some snuggle and story time.


  1. Back where you both belong! Hope your mum brought a present for you! You missed all he action over at Edsel's. Good thing you were safe at the spa or you coulda busted out of your house & gone with him for company.

  2. You enjoy your snuggle time wif your Mom. Glad you're home!

  3. Welcome back, Derbs! I missed you purry much.


  4. We like it when the beans come home. We get lots and lots of snuggles and treats. We're happy you are together again!

  5. Glad that she maded it home safely. We like it when our Momma gets back from vacation.

  6. I'm so glad you got to have fun at the spa! Maybe those other kitties you got to meet will be inspired by your huge success online and will blog themselves!

    I can't wait to hear about your human pet's trip!

  7. Glad you're back. My mom dreams about opening one of those spas. But only for cats, no woofies!

  8. Nofing is better than home! I've nefer been to a spa. Do you get massages and furcials there?


  9. Glad you're home, Derb! Life just seemed empty without you around!

  10. Hope you had a great time! We are homebodies I guess, but Patches gets to go camping (maybe) this summer. I am staying home, I get sick, sick, from the motions and I hate traveling.

    Mittens Pollypaws

  11. Oh, and thanks for the concern about our welfare during the big mud slide. Update is posted on our site.

    Patches Lady

  12. Welcome home Derby! I'm glad you had a good time at the spa, but it's always best to be home with your purrsons.

    I'm with Mittens and don't like travelin. Plus there always seems to be a stabby thing or somethin at the other end. Yuk!

  13. Derby

    GLAD yous back man! It just wasn't the same wif out you.

    I bet all dos otter poodins were impressed wif your blog. You may have started somefink!


  14. Welcome back, Derby! You are a lucky feline to get to go to a spa!

    With the work you did spreading around the news of cat blogs....
    Does this mean there will be new blogs and new puddins???

    Awaiting more news of your mom's trip.


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