Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cat Stuff?

This is the picture in our little local paper for the ads. Look where we get put. So we are just stuff? Hmph. Woofies maybe, but not us kitties.
Please be assured that mum can clearly check that I am not in the dryer before she starts it. I just happened to sneak in once between loads. She had gotten the dry stuff out and turned to put the wet stuff in and, Voila, I jumped in! Mum tooked the picture and then reached in to get me out. I wasn't very thrilled with that. It was nice and warm. But no, I don't want to go for a ride in that thing. The only time the door is open to that thing is when clothes are going in or out.

Latte commented that I get to go to the dungeon. Yes I do, and love going to the dungeon. Mum has parts of it where I can't get to. But other spots I can. I can even get up on top of the heating ducts where it is nice and warm! Plus my box is down there, so I have to have access. Otherwise Mum would be finding little presents in various spots, if you know what I mean.

It is furry cold here today and it is supposed to snow tomorrow and Monday. Mum gotted all the birdie feeders nice and full so they have lots to eat. We have seen lots of birdies filling themselves up today. They need lots to eat to keep themselves warm. Even Mr Squirrel has been around checking out the stuff on the ground. Mum says she will have to go sweep up the patio a bit later. That way it won't be as messy when she needs to move the snow away.

Mum had been busy cleaning stuff this morning. Spraying and wiping, scrubbing and polishing, picking up and putting away. Using the big sucking machine. But I do have to says the house looks, well, OK.

Thanks to all for your comments about moving to new Blogger. Not sure if the Catolympic blog is affecting it or not. So for now, I guess I will just stay put. One day down the road it will happen. Guess I don't need to rush.

Hope you all are having a good weekend. I think ours will be rather quiet once mum finishes with the cleaning.


  1. It's totally strange how humans get in that cleaning mode isn't it! Ours keeps mumbling about all the cat fur on stuff.

  2. Hi Derby...

    Your mother sounds a lot more organized than our woman. She goes into that cleaning mode only once in awhile and I can tell you that I don't like it one bit.

  3. Hi Derby,

    Wow sounds like your mom's working hard.
    I love squirrels we sometimes get afew on our balcony.Yet I hit the glass and they run away.

  4. We wish our Mom would bring out the big sucking machine for a change. Do we have to do everything around here?

  5. i jus saw dat pikshur uv u in da dryer. i tried it once ... verree comfterbul.
    did da snow start yet? jus rainin heer in noo york!

  6. We stay out of that whirly-dryer thingy. We can see it goes round and round, and neither of us are taking any chances on that.

    We like it when The Big Thing fills the birdie feeders. We like watching them. We mean, you always study the prey, right? We can't get at the birdies, but that doesn't matter. We like studying them anyway.

    Ooh, we don't like it when The Big Thing uses any of his sucky machines. He has several. One is big for carpets, one is for small the hard wood floors (and it goes all over the place on its own), and one little one is for stairs and tables. They are all annoying and we leave the room!

  7. we're happy yur takin' such good care of the fev-vers. fev-ver watchin' is one of our favorite things ta do.

  8. I got in the dryer once, and the Woman took my picture, too. I'm pretty sure most of the peoples who know the kitties in the blogosphere know better than to let a kitty go for a ride in one, even if it seems funny at the time... It sure does get warm in there, tho. I'd like to climb in when a load of towels is just done.

  9. Hi Derby! Your weekend sounds rather nice, actually - all snuggled in against the cold.

    I wish we had a dungeon here!

  10. So, dey think we're "stuff" huh, silly newspaper beans. We get to go in da dungeon too. Dats where da foster kitties rooms are. Mom hasn't had dat rug sucker out for awhile and we're glad. Dad calls it a "whole house vacuum" we call it a toy eatin masheen.

  11. I don't have a dungeon either. It sounds like a fun place to PLAY!

  12. Derby, I would love to have a dungeon! Think of the hiding places! Think of the places you could wait to pounce! Stay warm!

  13. Oh, Derby, I hope it doesn't get as cold at your house as it is at ours.BRRRR...


  14. Cats as "stuff", indeed. My humans have been doing some cleaning this weekend too. They had a bit of a laundry backlog. Also they went to IKEA and bought a new computer chair which is much comfier than the other one. Stay warm!


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