Saturday, January 6, 2007

Expecting Visitors

Just waiting for Mattingly and Speedy to drop in. They are visiting the sisfurs, Tipper and Misty, over at Crew's Views. They want advice from me on have girlcat furiends. Since Princess Mia and I have done OK so far with our relationship.

I don't know for sure. I sort of just muddle along and hope I don't mess anything up. Mia and I don't visit directly very often. We meet up when our blogging buddies have a get together, like the Nap-A-Thon or Catolympics. I did send her Mango, one of Vir-ginger's litter of Squillion, and a couple of roses. She sent me a cute little bear with a yellow rose. Otherwise we e-mail, post or comment to each other.

What can I say? I am certainly not an expert when it comes to girl cats. OK, a few real basic tips.

Treat them kindly.

Let the girl cat take the lead on what activities to do, especially when you are visiting their home.

When you play have fun but don't get over excited, most girl cats can hold their own racing, rassling etc. Don't play so hard that someone gets hurt.

Don't worry so much about 'romance', just have fun and enjoy each others company. Its not like you were getting together to raise a family. You are just special furiends.

Kissing their paws or maybe a gentle nose kiss is ok too. Since they live near us I don't want their mum to be mad at me and come over and give me a scolding. We want to continue to be furiends with The Crew, all of them.

That is it, and if things don't go well. DON'T BLAME ME!


  1. "Don't play so hard that someone gets hurt" That is VERY good advice!

  2. furry furry good advice Derby!

  3. sweeeet advice. I like the one about letting the girl cat take the lead!


  4. See Derby, my sisfurs never sed not to play so hard. Usually they just scream at me and whap me on the head when I get to acited. I dint fink of that. I certainly don't want Misty whaping me (or worse, George or Max).

  5. derby ... iz mattingly mi deer frend frum catster?

  6. Derby thank you so much for letting us come by and visit you today! I'm getting ready to write about it in my blog right now, but I wanted to thank you personally. It was great to see where you live, and I'm so glad you shared that great advice with us. I do have a habit of playing too hard sometimes. And once you said not to worry about romance and just think of it as special furriends, I wasn't so nervous anymore. Thanks alot Derby. You really are a great friend!

  7. having special friends is a really sweet thing. it seems there's lots of that going on recently.


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