Monday, January 1, 2007

Off to a Good Start

First, thanks to the Hot(M)BC group for hosting a wonderful party. We had lots to eat, drink and play with. Including the New York pole and Big Ben to climb. Mum said she stayed way too late and ended up sleeping later than usual this morning. Thankfully I had enough crunchies to get me through the night.

Today, mum hasn't done much. She watched the fancy purrade with lots of flowers, then watched the Bucky Badger guys win their bowl game.

Me, I started off the new year where I left off. Keeping mum busy with stuff and checking out things.
I wanted to see out the sunny window, so just created some room for me to jump up and figured since the plants weren't blooming anymore they could just be one the floor. Mum was not happy with this and now that room is off limits to me.
Guess Vir-ginger and I will just 'alax and think up other things to do. Hope everyone had a good day and that your new year is a success.


  1. You hav very good plant knocking off skills
    Happy New Year

  2. Happy New Year Derby!!!!

  3. Happy New Year, Derby! It looks like you were still a little wild after last night's party. Mom wouldn't let us go to the party - bummer!


  4. I hope you didn't get into too much trouble!

  5. Happy New Year Derby!
    We hopes you did get into a lot of trouble. We know it's not easy finding a nice sunny spot.-Sia


    Man, I missed a really good party, didn't I? =sob=

  7. Hi Derby.

    Nice job on the plants. Sometimes the woman I live with leaves clutter on the table in front of the bedroom window and it really irks me.

    love, Pearl

  8. Wow, that's just mean! Not leaving the sunny spots clear for you then banning you from the room altogether when you make a mess trying to clear space for yourself!

    Well, I hope you have a Happy New Year anyway!

  9. Oh no! How sad to be banned just for wanting to be in a sunny place.

    Happy New Year!

  10. Happy New Year Derby! Your mum should be glad she just had a broken plant to mark 2007 - we have had broken central heating and that was quite chilly! But it wasn't my fault. Really.

  11. Did she actually SEE you create the havoc? If not, how can she be sure YOU did it Derby? There might have been a minor earthquake...and I have heard that plants sometimes just commit suicide on their own...

  12. Happy New Year, Derby!

    After seeing the first picture, I was going to suggest you blame Vir-ginger for the plant incident, but then I saw that your Mum caught you. Then again, like Chey said, unless she actually saw you with your paw in the pot, you can always deny any knowlege of how they happened to be on the floor! Sometimes things just can't be explained.

  13. yup. the plants wuz depressed on account of they wuzzn't bloomin' an all, so they tried ta jump to their death. it happens, we've herd 'bout it.

  14. Happy New Year Derby!!! May you have a great year ahead.


  15. Sounds like the New Year got off to a great start!

    We were going to have a cozy warm fire, eat crab, and sniff catnip at midnight, but it rained on the firewood and we all got tired and went to bed before midnight anyway. (Yawwwwn)

    We did have the good stuff the next light, though!


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