Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow on Sunday

We had snow again today. Not a lot according to mum as it didn't take her long to clear off the snow from the driveway and patio. You can click on the pictures to biggify.
And Vir-ginger went out with her into the cold! First she jumped up on the snow eating machine, but mum said she couldn't stay there.
Then she went and jumped into the snowbank, still with that smile on her face.
Then up on the post to watch mum work.
Here is the birdie feeder all cleaned up from the snow and topped off with seed for the birdies. Mum had filled it on Friday and they had eaten half of what she had put in. The wire around the feeder is to keep the squirrels out of the feeder. The birdies have no problem getting in to eat the seeds.
And we had a special fevver visitor today. A red-bellied woodpecker. We have seen them before but never gotted a picture of them. He was getting seeds from the feeder.
Then he would fly into the tree to eat the seeds and then go back for more to eat. It was lots of fun watching the fevvers in the snow today.
And here you can see the snow still falling, along with the people who live behind us playing in the snow. He had a snow travelling monster out and was pulling his little boy on a sled. He was going furry slow and the machine was not making lots of noise. Mum said that was good, as the trail by us is only for non-monster travels. Not far away the trail can be used by the snow monsters.
Hope the rest of you had a good day, we did.


  1. we haven't had to shovel or snowblow yet. that's good, 'cause the Dad hates doin' it. your fevvers are really cool, 'specially that red one!

  2. We had our first "snow" today, Mom says prob'ly not even an inch, but they weren't expectin' it. They had gone to a movie and were surprised when they came out and saw it!
    Purrty fev-vers, thanks for showin' us pictures!

  3. Wunnerful pictshurs ov the snow and fevver feeder and red-bellied woodenpecker. We haz a red-bellied woodenpecker com to owr tree sumtimes.
    Yep, I broked it in 3 places. It hurted. But it really dint slow me down once I got used to me splint.
    Luf, G.T.

  4. I'm glad that the snow wasn't so deep that your Mom couldn't shovel it easily. We got snow here today, too, and it's still coming down. I like your birdie shots. Did Vir-ginger get warmed up again?

  5. Vir-ginger is so cute out there in the snow. we just love the cute look on the faces of the Squillions! and your fev-ver furrend is cute too. we haven't seen many fev-vers recently. wonner where they are.

  6. They did it Derby! The Colts are going to the Super Bowl! YEAH! The cats and I are soooo happy! Thank you for always thinking of us over here in Italy and keeping us informed!

    Wish we could watch the game with you!

  7. hey, its nice that the snow wasn't that deep enough! Otherwise Mom had to face a lot of problem.

    And hey, just check out my new friends. I bet you too fall in love with them.

  8. That is a GREAT photo of the woodpecker. Is his name George?

  9. Wow! That's a lot of white stuff. We got a "dusting" last night so its white, but not that pretty.


  10. I think Vir-Ginger gets the smile from you!

    Momma won't let Sunny and Cloudy out now, she says their colors might fade. Now I am worried that Mistrie's colors will fade, she is out alla time.


  11. Oooo Derby dat is somefink...I has nefur seen white stuffs come down from da sky like dat. Momma went and got one of dos Perfect Petzzz that yu had written a bout. Guess what? I took ofur da little bed dat comes wif it. It fits me purrfectly. So fank yu fur alertin Momma to da new kitty.


  12. Vir-Ginger is a cat for all seasons!
    Mr. Redbird looks like he would be a lot of fun to play staking games with.

  13. I get cold just looking at your pictures... brrr.

  14. What's all that white stuff? It's making me cold!

    Luv, Monkey

  15. That is what our yard looked like on Saturday. The young beans wish that we had one of those quite monsters so that we could pull them around wif it.

  16. Those are great photos! That birdie looks very cool!

    We are having our first snowfall of the winter, so I'm experiencing my first snow! It looks neat falling from the sky but it's cold! So I'm not really liking it.

  17. The snow looks wonderful Derby. Just enough but not too cold. I hope this birds stay well fed.

  18. what wonderful winter pictures!

  19. Red-bellied woodpeckers like suet, too. If you can put up a suet bag, you'll have lots of w'peckers for kitty TV entertainment...

  20. Virginger got to go out, but Derb did not?

    Probably better...cold on the feet can be quite uncomfortable!


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