Saturday, February 16, 2013

Caturday - Happy Purrthday Mum

It is a big day for her, her age now ends in a zero! Plus since it is Caturday she thinks she can sleep in. We will see about that!

That must mean mum is 100! Yep, we think so. She is ancient. 

We helped mum count fevvers on Friday and mum says we saw 11 different types of them, including 3 types of woodpeckers. Just our usual ones we see. We will count again today as well.

But mum got mad, she says she thought the fevvers have been eating the seed so much faster. We we couldn't tell her, it is really the sqwerls!

Mum saw them, we have up to 6 we see at any one time. One of them jumped to the fevver bath, which is all snowy and frozen. Then with a big leap it jumped to the feeder! Mum was not happy.

So mum went out and scared the sqwerl away and then she got the fevver bath to lay down on the ground. No easy thing since it was frozen to the ground.
Mum now hopes that they can't make the jump into the feeder. She says they get enough with what the stupid doves through on the ground for them.

Back to the party for mum.  We will cellybrate her many decades of life, we have only been around a few more recent years to share her life.

So for mum, we have some ham and cake. There is nip in the cake, just so you know.
 Plus some fancy eats and drinks if your beans stop by to say hello.





  1. Me and Hammy are sending your mummy some birthday cuddles!!

  2. Happy birthday to your human! My human hasn't had a zero birthday in several decades!

  3. LOL @ Sparkle's comment re: her human.

    A very happy birthday to your mum! We hope she treats herself to something extra special, because those "0" birthdays are pretty special!

  4. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Mom !
    Hope she will have a xtra pawsome day :)

  5. Happy Purrthday to your Mum!

  6. Happy Purrthday to your mom!!!

    our grandpa has a sqwirel issue at his house. they eat the bird seed and make grandpa use word off the bad werd list

  7. You kitties are so cute and let me extend happy birthday to your mom too! I love your blog, the background is wonderful and Purrthday that's so cute.

  8. You kitties are so cute and let me extend happy birthday to your mom too! I love your blog, the background is wonderful and Purrthday that's so cute.

  9. I have to confess, you gave me the idea for getting a clock too I think that clock was really cute.

  10. Happy Birthday to your mum. We hope you let her lie in and shared lots of cuddles.

  11. Happy Birthday to your mom! That huge pile of ham looks mighty good!

  12. Sending all our very best wishes to your Mom!

    Purrs, Woofs, Neighs and Hugs,

    The Chans, Tommy, The Vs and #1

  13. Happy Birthday to your Mum!! Those zero ages are the best.

  14. Happy Birthday to your sweet mommy !!!!
    My mom would love to have a zero ages too, but seem her body doesn't co-operate..tee...heh
    I hope your mom have a wonderful time and lots of cuddle

  15. We wanted to add our congrats
    XO Jada and Scully

  16. Happy Birthday to your Mum! We hope she is having a great day.

    We counted feathers this morning. We mostly saw blue jays and house sparrows. We're gonna count again tomorrow. We hope the red-headed woodpecker shows up!

  17. Happy Birthday to your Mom. Feather counting sounds more like playing with your food. MOL! TW's been 100 for quite a few years.

  18. Happy Purrthday D&D Mom! We don't know which 0 year it is, but the Human hadded a 0 year-Purrthday three years ago that means she only has 2 more years to Medicare--yippee! She never thought she would like getting old, ha ha ha!

  19. Happy birthday to your human mum from all of us Good Cats!

  20. Happy Birthday to Mum!!!!
    She turned 53 on the 4th.
    We just saw sparrows & a couple crows on bird day. Not much around here in the winter. But last winter was mild and the cardinal & his wife stayed here. Mom watches the squerls jump onto the neighbors feeder all the time but it's attached to the deck so they're asking for it.


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