Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Surprise

HiYa Ducky here. We told you mum said we would have a surprise yesterday. Well I was the one who was surprised. Put in the PTU and taken off to the VET.

The PTU moved into the human litter box room. Mum puts it in there as if I get away, I don't have a place to get under to hide. Sneaky she is.
Me, innocently sitting by the heaty spot, just relaxcamating just after having my brekkie.
She managed to get me inside the PTU, she had to open the top, then turn me over and put me in upside down. Otherwise I spread my legs and won't go in. I won't just walk in the door either. Derby does!
Waiting for Dr M to finish his notes. I am healthy,my ears, teeths, heart are all good. No spot 13 invasion. One quick jab for my FDRCC vacine. My rabies is good for three years, so I think I will need that next year. Mum asked about Feline Leukemia, she knows I was negative when she got me and did I need to be retested. Doc said no, since I am not out and about with other kitties, either outside or at shows. Derby is negative too, so we should be good to go and no re-test or vaccine needed.Unless we have to go back to the kittie spa.
Me back inside and waiting to go home. I did get back in the PTU, through the door with no problem. Going home, heck yes I will get back inside.

Yes, mum got a video with some highlights.

I still love mum, even though she took me to the VET. I made sure I snuggled with her and gives her love back. Plus she was super nice and for lunch yesterday we got treats of turkey, ham, string cheese and stinky goodness.

Plus, I am happy the appointment was yesterday, it was warmish, today it is cold with snow.


  1. Oh no, not the evil vet! That is not a good surprise. I have to go next Monday but I go in the PTU without a problem. The problem is getting me out when we get to the vet.

  2. After that surprise you deserve a whole lot of good surprises...like a new toy.

  3. Glad everything went ok at the vet.

    Good treats afterwards was a good way to forget.

  4. eye dont think eye like me mom at all for takin me ta de vet....matter oh fact.... eye noe eye dont !!!!

    glad ya hada grate chek up !!!

  5. Some surprise! We're glad to hear you're in fine form, though!

    We enjoyed the video although it kept stopping for some reason.

    The Chans

  6. Before top loading PTUs, there was at least some chance of us frustrating the humans enough to miss the vet visit. But now...sigh.
    Glad you checked out good!

  7. those moms are sneaky!! but glad you got a good report.....

  8. Hooray !!! All is over, and you two are healthy !!!
    and your doctor is nice ! now word " Diet " !!!!
    that's great news !
    Well done guys : )

  9. Theres not annything to get under at the V-E-T office either. We think thats sort of deliberate, but they ARE only Beins so it might just be luck on their part.

  10. Glad to hear everything went well at the vet.

  11. Ducky, you do NOT look happy! Aren't vet visits the worst?

  12. You had a GOOD check-up Ducky, that's wonderful!
    We were sad hearing your poor plaintive little voice but all's well that ends well and you are at home and comfortable again!

  13. Ducky, I know exactly how you feel! It must be something in the water or something, all these sneak attacks on us.

    P.S. I think Caroline is crushing on you. She got up very close to the speakers when you were talking!

  14. I must speak for myself right now and say I love your videos since Jada and Scully run in and plaster themselves, paws on top the screen, bellies to the middle. LOL

  15. Ducky, we've learned that the humans are really sneaky about getting us in the PTU. One day we'll beat them!

    We're glad you checked out okay at the vet. Aren't you glad that's over now??

  16. Surprises are supposed to be FUN....not trips to the VET! We're glad you got lots of goodies afterwards and we loved listening to your sweet meow!

    The Florida Furkids


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