Saturday, February 23, 2013


No much happening around here for us this morning. Mum is doing her usual chores, the laundry shuffle has started and most likely the sucky monster will be out soon.

In the mean time we are napping, watching fevvers and a few snowflakes in the air.
Virginger has reminded us, to remind you, Squillion Day is Thursday February 28th. She will have a post and hopes her fellow litter mates join in to post that day too.

Plus we send our purrs to sweet little KC. She  has blocked sinuses and the needed surgery might kill her. Updates at the CB! Let's all purr for KC.


  1. We are purring hard for KC!

    Enjoy your quiet weekend with Mum.

  2. We were hiding from the sucky monster too this morning. We are purring for KC.

  3. We've been having a lazy Caturday too. And we're purring for KC.

  4. That behind the curtain picture is very it artsy day because the Katnip Loungers have one too!

  5. When the chores are being done, we find good places to hide!

  6. Same old same old around here today too. TW was doing the laundry while Pop vacuumed. Usually they go to the supermarket but it was pouring rain today.


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