Friday, February 8, 2013


Back on Turkey Day, #$%^*$ Blogger wouldn't let us load any more pictures. Poor Poppy Q got locked out of her blog for some days because of this.

The thing made mum join G+ and pay for more room for pictures, like 25GB which would last both of us and mum for our combined 19 lives.

Jan's Funny Farm had given instructions on sizing pictures, to free up storage. So mum did that and deleted some duplicates too. So some really old posts now have a funny symbol where the picture is gone.

Then we heard and read that they were giving people more room for free for pictures, from 1 GB to 5 GB. So mum paid them for two months with her plastic green paper card before she heard this, so then she cancelled it and waited to see what would happen. So when we last looked we now have 11 GB of picture storage!

Double check your storage so you don't get caught. Here is how we found our way to how much storage we have. From one of your pages in the admin section of your blog, main page or a post page. 
Go to the little picture in the upper right corner, your profile picture should be there and click on Account Settings.
 Then you can see how much you have in total and the % used.

Plus we aren't sending them any green papers now either. No need to make the bajillionaires into gajillionairs.

Plus if we know we are reusing the same picture or badge, like for Virginger's Garden Thursday post, we go call it up from the online album to save space. 

So you can always see more of US!
Hope this works out for any others on blogger to check their pictures.


  1. mom said she is gonna go back and delete some duplicates but it is gonna take some time.....thanks for the info!

  2. Thanks so much for the info! Happy Friday!

  3. thanx mew D & D for this add vize coz we trooly dinna noe wear ta chek ore how ta chek what we be usin... take an extree snak bag home two day for helpin with this...oh,N hope ewe both haza grate week oh end !!

  4. Thanks for this! We just checked our storage and we still have plenty!

  5. Seeing more of you is always a wonderful thing!

  6. We hope you become gajillionaires for sharing this information! *what? it doesn't work that way? well, phft* Purrs from your friends at

  7. We are going to go and check our account now. Mom always chooses "custom" size for pictures when she exports them to her desktop to put int he blog, and limits to 800 or 1000 pixels across (we think that's it). That helps keep the amount of space down too.

  8. We just checked ours again and we are using 0.07 of 5 GB. We were very near our limit before google upped the storage. We think when you use the same photo in different posts is why you get duplicates, so deleting one duplicate removes the photo from one post and two duplicates from 2 posts etc. and leaves the bar image in it's place. We don't know why one photo can't be used in more than one post. We always resize now before posting and keep photos less than 800 and then they don't go against your free allowance.

  9. You guys are pretty smart-we'll pass that info along to Mom (we make her do all the work-we're more idea kitties ourselves-mol.
    Jada and Scully

  10. We use Picasa and if you resize (and Picasa does it for you while EXPORTING) then you never go above the 800x600 limit per photo for Blogger, so unless we mess up we never change the amount of storage we have in Google.

    It's easy to get 'caught' in an internet trap. There are so many obstacles it seems but then again we remember blogger is free.


  11. Thank you for explaining this! We've been wondering about it with some of the comments that have been circulating.

    Can you tell us...when you post a photo to your blog, do you upload it from your hard drive or do you upload it from something like Photobucket, etc...?

    thank you!
    : ) Katie & Glogirly

  12. WOW! Thanks for that info! We are currently using 3.23%, more than you but still--we have 96+% of our space to go--since we seem to be using about 1% per year, I guess I can blog for 96 more years, huh?

    Go figure!

  13. I checked and it looks like I am using 0.82% of my 5gbs! I belong to G+ and am not paying any moolah!!


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