Monday, February 4, 2013

Mini ManCat Monday

Cats and women will do as they please.... dogs and men should relax and get used to it. - Robert A. Heinlein

HiYa Ducky here. Happy Monday and I hopes everyone is doing OK so far.

Some of you left comments on our Award post last Thursday where I said I was a tiny boy and just over 8 pounds.

Well from most pictures it is hard to tell, but here is one from on top with the two of us eating at the same time. See how much longer Derby is, wider too. Last time at the VET Derby weighed about 13 pounds and he has lost weight since I moved in. I make him exercise!

But here sitting in the window, our heads are about at the same level. So mum went on a hunt to find some more pictures to show you our difference in sizes.

Another  shot of us eating.

I can curl up inside of Derby in the pod sleeper.
From behind, you can see that I am not as broad as he is, or as tall from belleh to top. I am on the right, Derby on the left.

Derby fills up the entire donut bed, I have room to spare around me.
But you can probably tell it the best from the video! Derby moving in on little ol' me in the bed.

Oh the rodent weather guesses have predicted an early spring. The one Penn-sly-vania plus three in Whiskerconsin did not see their shadows. Last year we had an early spring, but we can't remember what they predicted.

Final Feetsball Report

The Baltimore Ravens are the Stouper Bowl Champs. Strange game with the power going off after half time. Mum decided to go to the sleepy spot and watch Downton Abbey, then come back and watch the end of the game. 


  1. Wow, Ducky, I had no idea you were so tiny! But then, I am small too - a little over 5 lbs. - and most of the time it is hard to tell in photos.

  2. Hey Ducky! It sounds like you and me are about the same size! And I am a lot smaller than The Beebs!


  3. Holy carp! In that first picture, we thought it was taken when you were still a kitten. WOWZA!

  4. You certainly are tiny Ducky. Did you say Derby was 11 lbs? That's not big. The Cat Who Came Before Me was over 20 lbs. Have a good day.

  5. bee with heavee hearts N teerz oh mornin we post this...knot coz itz monday; knot coz we canna play online on de week oh ends...but bee coz san fran loozed....ta of all things....


    hay, grate mewvie by de way.. ya wood knot ever see that in TT; we wood be fitin each other :)

  6. No matter the size, you're both handsome! Purrs from your friends at

  7. Wowser Ducky-you be just like me and Scully! He is the baby but he be grown to over half again my size.

  8. WOW! Ducky you are smaller than me and I am only just 10lbs!! Derby sure overspills the bed!! mol

  9. You are small Ducky! We thought Derby was going to squish you when he got in the bed with you.

  10. We honestly had no idea of your petite size either Ducky!

  11. We can really see the difference between you and Derby! You're a little guy!!

  12. You are little!

    Brulee weighs about 2 pounds more than Truffle, but both of them weigh less than 8 pounds.

  13. Ha ha ha! It's Little Ducky and the Incredible Hulk!!!

    We guess Mr. & Mrs. Harbaugh must be happy, eh? ;-)

  14. Ha ha ha! It's Little Ducky and the Incredible Hulk!!!

    We guess Mr. & Mrs. Harbaugh must be happy, eh? ;-)


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