Saturday, February 2, 2013

Now You See Me, Now you Don't, Now You Do

Having fun the other evening. I jumped up on the speaker above Derby snoozing on the floor. He can't fit up here like I can.
I was there.
 Then I was gone!
 Now I am back!
Now I am over here!

The trick is that the player for the CD's sticks out in the back, so I can walk on it and stick my head out on the other side. Cool trick, don't ya think?

Waiting to see and hear on the various ground hogs to see if we will have 6 more weeks of winter or an early spring. We are hoping for an early spring!


  1. We hope the groundhogs give us an early spring! Booo winter!

  2. You're very clever, Ducky!

    We hear that an early spring is on the way! We just wish it would stop raining.

    The Chans

  3. We LOVE peek-a-boo, looks like you do too!
    Jada and Scully

  4. That is very cool, Ducky! We love it when we have special spot that the other kittehz can't get to. Looks like spring is on its way. Yay!

  5. That is a great trick! Conga-rats on posting every day in January. I bet your Mommy can keep it up this month--after all February is short!

    Go Niners!!


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