Friday, February 15, 2013

Fevver Counting

Starting today is the bird count anyone can pawticipate in. Yes anyone, this year, for the first time it is a GLOBAL count.

It is furry basic and you can do it at home, go to a park or some where the fevvers hang out. Watch for at least 15 minutes and record the number of each type of birds you see.  Then report your results on line.

So Friday, Caturday, Sunday and Monday. Mum say Monday is a hollyday for most beans in Merikcy, so they can stay home and help you count. Or you send them out to count somewhere for you.

Go here for more information.

You know we will be counting along with mum. We love watching the fevvers.


  1. We will sit at our catio to count. We sure hope those frightful crows will stay away.

  2. This sounds like a fun project! Sadly, my human does not know one bird from another.

  3. We're just checking in...Mommy has been a real butthead this week and "too busy" to comment for us. Do you need a used Mommy?

    Ducky, Happy Belated Gotcha day!!

    Mum: Mommy's camera is a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX150, she loves it so far. Simple, yet lots of programming options.

  4. Our mum did a count the other day when they had the UK bird count. We count them every day though when we watch Bird TV.

  5. Fevver counting sounds like fun...even if it is just the sparrows
    in our front yard.

  6. I think that is a great idea.
    We can't wait to hear how it all works out.

  7. This sounds like fun! Hello, I love your blog! I found you at KN Lounge blog and we are joining your blog to follow you! We invite you to stop by and join us to follow too! We would love having you here! Meow...

    Purrs and Hugs,
    Miss Kitty & Mum

  8. All of us Oregon kitties luvs the fevvers. The very thought of fevvers makes our lips twitch in caticipation of,maybe, some contact with the sorry, Mom just told us we can look & count, but we cannot make any fang contact. We livz across the street from a wildlife santuary and they has plenty of gigantic fevvers all the ways to tiny peeps. If Mom is too ignerent we wills helps her with the tech nickle names. We knoe we can't touch, but we can still twitch r lips and make the weird noises right?

  9. We are so excited! We're gonna be counting this weekend!!

  10. We saw cardinals, and house finches, an sparrows and jays an doves. TBT counted them. We just chittered.


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