Saturday, May 12, 2018


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. The day is starting out gray and gloomy. It got cool again outside, so much so that the house got cold and mum turned the heaty monster back on! I loves that, I can nap in my hammick and be all warms.
At least when we did have some nice days mum got the outside work done. The girls did a good job with snoopervising the work. Plus mun got the brush out for pickup this next week. The brush pile is small compared to some years.

Today, well mum says she has to go and sort foods later. Huh? Oh the letter carrier food drive is today and she helps at the food pantry to get the stuff sorted so that the cans and boxes are all in the right spots. That will take her most of the afternoon.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend. Amember tomorrow is Mom's Day. Purr on your mum's to make them happy.


  1. Have a great Caturday Ducky and Mom, and Happy Mother's Day too!

  2. It's cool here too all the way over in California! My human is even putting on a sweater today.

  3. It's turned cold here again too. Last week we had record high temperatures for early May, and now it is back down around 40 and raining.

  4. Winter weather has hit Sydney too, Ducky, so I'm also concentrating on keeping warm this weekend.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Well, here it's gonna be another 90-plus degrees. Mom reluctantly turned on the a/c while she a dad went hiking yesterday, and I'm sure it'll be on again today.


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