Thursday, May 24, 2018

Garden Thursday

Hi and welcome to Garden Thursday. The weather has been changeable. Cool and wet to warm and dry. Sort of summer like. The grass is all green and looking good, even the weeds are doing well. Mum is bummed as she has found garlic mustard in some of the flower beds. That means extra work as it is an invasive plant to get rid of.
 The last few tulips are still blooming, mum counted 6 in total still blooming. She notice she didn't have as many in the back this year. Time to plant a few more bulbs this fall.
Mum went to the plant sale for her garden group last Friday. Members got to come on Friday to get first pick. Mum came home with 13 plants, mostly hostas and other purrenials. They all got planted on Tuesday.
Then mum went off to the garden storm and picked up plants to put in the boxes on the railings. Pet-unias and sweet potato vine. Last time she planted sweet potato she actually got a potato!

Mum also amembered to take pictures of the garden that she helps at. So this side you can see all of the raised beds and in each bed are various food plants. Tomatoes, carrots, beets, brussel sprouts, eggy plant, lettuce. So with seeds or plants this is all now done. They just have to monitor and keep the weeds down. However, they did notice that the buns ate the broccolli.
All of these bags are filled with garlic mustard that they pulled. The grassy area to the right was just filled with it. Four of them worked on this and got it all pulled out, or at least what they could see.

The farther end is flowers so that they attract bees and such so that things get pollinated so we get foods The ladies were working to expand the flower garden area.
Mum is pooped, she had a bizzy day on Wednesday, she even needed to use the grass eater. So when she was done she sat outside with us until it got dark. That was nice.

See you all next week.


  1. Your mum has been busy - not only in her own garden but also helping others. Fabulous stuff.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Your mum sure puts our mum to shame with all those beautiful flowers!

  3. We had no idea that buns liked broccoli! How funny!

    Your mum sure has been busy. The plantings are wonderful.

  4. I'm tired just reading about what your mom did! Wonder what that mustard plant looks like...wonder if I've got any?

  5. I didn't know what garlic mustard was so googled it. It looks like the wild garlic that grows here in woodland areas and shaded hedgerows. It does make a thick carpet in the woods. Your mum has been very busy.

  6. Your mom has been very busy ! Those are beautiful flowers. Purrs

  7. hay ewe galz...mum waz bizzee.. tho everee thing lookz grate !!!! her did good....N we laffed that her reel lee DID getz a poe tay toe !!!! how kewl iz that ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  8. Now we’re going to google garlic mustard to see if we have any in our yard.

  9. We, too, will need to look up garlic mustard. Our Mom doesn't think we have it here, but she sure has been pulling weeds all week. And moss. We get lots and lots of creeping moss on top of the bark mulch. We can't wait to see your petunias and hostas later on this summer! And those flower beds. Beautiful!

  10. What a great job by Mom & all her friends.

    Garlic mustard was originally brought over as an herb -- but it got loose and invaded everything, forcing out the native plants. In Ohio the parks have groups of volunteers who go through and yank it out - you can't just mow over it, it has to be yanked out by the roots. Luckily it isn't too hard to pull. But it is a continuous battle !


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