Monday, May 14, 2018

ManCat Monday

Radioactive cats have 18 half-lives.

Me and mum had a nice weekend. While it was cool outside it was warm inside as mum turned the heaty monster on on Caturday. Even with a jacket on inside she felt cold and even me sitting on her all the time didn't warm her up enuf.

Mum also went off to help sort foods on Caturday afternoon. The guys in the blue shorts picked up foods the people left outside.
These are pics of what mum did, sort the foods into the correct boxes. First step is to check if the foods are out of date. Mum said while she was there peoples found foods that outdated in 1995 and 1996. Sheesh people, if you won't eat it cuz it is old, don't expect others to either. So don't donate it.

Mum has been bizzy reading her books and also knitting and crow-shay all these little hats. Says there is a program called Purple Hats for Babies. So she is making all sorts of little hats that are purple.  Says this is to help awareness for shaken baby syndrome as peoples get frustrated when babies cry and cry and cry some more for no reason. If you know that you are less likely to do something bad to a baby.

Mum is asking if you knit or crow-shay, if you would go to the link for Purple Hats and see if there is a program near you. Or if you make a hat, you could send it to mum and she will add it to her stash to donate. Or consider donating some green papers or purple yarn for someone to make hats. Mum has enuf yarns to make lots of hats, so don't send her yarn.
 Mum put her finished hats on me, I would not let her put one on my head. Even just having them on me was not something I cared for. So when she put them away, I gave her the back of disrespect.
Hope you all have a nice week.


  1. Your human has been busy doing some really awesome things!

  2. Even though you didn't enjoy modelling the purple hats, it was in a good cause, Ducky, so I hope that the Back of Disrespect wasn't on show for too long.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. It's really nice that your mum gives so much to her community, Ducky.

  4. Oh, and we meant to say we really got a chuckle out of your quote today!

  5. How nice of your mum to help others, Ducky.

  6. That's so generous and thoughtful of your mom ! Purrs

  7. Oh, we were hoping to see she crochey-ed a hat for you, Ducky. One with holes for your ears, of course. What a great program and thank you so much for helping others!

  8. Your mum is generous and busy making the hats. What is wrong with people donating stuff that is so old and only fit to be binned!

  9. How wonderful of your mum to be making those darling hats! Such a worthwhile cause!

  10. We were going to give to the Post Office food drive but didn't realize we had only a couple days to fill the grocery bag they left. But it reminded me to go through our pantry and toss our expired canned foods. It's wonderful that you went and help sort the donations.
    I've known about shaken baby syndrome but I didn't know about the Purple Hats for Babies. It's so tragically sad that babies are harmed that way. I looked at some of the hats that won awards and they are beautifully crafted.

  11. We agree that just having them piled ON you is too close to having to WEAR one!


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