Monday, January 21, 2019

ManCat Monday

Dogs teach you how to love. Cats teach you how to live.

Woohoo, let's live it up gang. Mum does purrty good at living it up. Not crazy live it up, but she gets out and does stuff, sees people, and all that good stuff.

First, mum's lip is doing OK and healing up. Sort of like she let her lips get all dried out in the winter and they crack open. Mum has some really good cream to put on the for that from her doc. A few years ago her lips were so dry nothing she could buy on her own worked. So mum uses this cream a lot during the winter. So she is using it now to help her lip heal. She says it isn't hurting.
 We had a sunny Sunday and you can see our snow on the ground. First time it hasn't disappeared the next day. It has gotten cold here, so it will be here a while.
 Me enjoying the sun puddle in the front window, checking things outside.
 Mum went out to get a picture of the moon behind the tree afore it went into being eclipsed.She was taking pictures during the eclipse, but we won't share them just yet.

Feetsball Report

The teams are set for the Stouper Bowl. Exciting games, so mum got lots of crow-shay done! Both games went to overtime. She didn't really have favs that she wanted to win, although she was sort of hoping that teams that don't get there often would win. So she got that with one of the teams, the LA Rams. They will play the Boys Named Pat, who have played in the big game way too often.

Going to stay cold here and we are supposed to get more snow this week too. So stay warm everyone, we will stay warm here. 


  1. Momma saw the eclipse too - she says it looked really cool!

  2. I'm glad your human's lip is healing up!

  3. We watched the games too; I was sure New Orlean's was gonna do it...then they didn't. I don't mind NE; you've got to admire their ability to keep getting there!

  4. I watched the eclipse too. It started 5.45 am here so I was tired when it was time to get up. I am glad your mum's lip is healing well.

  5. Very pleasing to hear that your mum's lip is healing well and that she's not in pain. Perhaps you could ask her for the name of the cream that she uses please? I'd really like to know.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. We didn't get to see the moon at all. :-(

    And although we don't follow football, we were kinda rooting for the Saints. :-((

  7. You look real happy there in that window. The Human is none too fond of those Pat boys either, though she does have a dear friend who was the Main Pat guy's high school counselor. She would have liked to see the Rams win if they were still in St. Louis, but now that they are back in LA it's sticking in her craw to cheer for them. It's kind of a dilemma.

  8. dood....we saw de moon go inta shadow but sum one dinna haz de fone on knot menshunin anyonez name food gurl N bye de time it went thizza way >>
    we waz a sleep !! ☺☺

  9. Looks like you are enjoying a wonderful day laying in that wonderful sun puddle there. It's very cold where we are at now. We can't wait to see the pictures of the eclipse. The games were both very good this past weekend. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  10. We're glad your mom's lip is healing well. Your spot in the front window looks like a great place for enjoying sunpuddles ! Purrs

  11. Glad your mum's lips are healing. Maybe they get too dry from kissing you so much!

  12. Geez, Ducky--no heaty pad?? What is your Mom thinkin'? I mean, you practically live in the ARCTIC back there!


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