Monday, October 21, 2019

ManCat Monday

Cats don't mind sharing the bed with fellow cats, as long as the area is equitably divided among them. Usually there is room for everyone on a first-come-first-served basis - under the blanket, on top of the blanket, on the pillow, under the pillow, at the head of the bed, at the foot of the bed, in that order. Any space left over goes to the owner. - Stephen Baker

In bed, it is mum, me and a big teddy bear she uses as a body pillow. I sleep where I want, on the bed, under the covers, or on top of mum. Depends on how much of  her warms I want to soak up.

I know I haven't see all the tock shots that got posted, but want to thank all who participated to cellybrate and honor Angel Derby. It means a lot to me and mum.

Mum did some outside chores yesterday once the feetsball game was done. She backed out the metal monster, changed the burned out light bulb in the opener, found out the second bulb was just loose. Swept out the grass and brake dust. Then she got the snow eater started. It took a few times until it would keep running. She will check it again in a few weeks.

Mum worked on her blankie during the game.  At first I was napping in the sun puddle, then moved to the other chair, contemplating if I should whap the yarn to the floor, then on to her lap. 
 The only thing with these balls they aren't round so they don't roll around much. I don't like that.
 Me under the blankie, nice and warm under here. Plus I get to be sitting on mum.
 Yes mum, I see you, now just get back to your crow-shay and let me nap!

Sportz Report

The Pack - scored early often and managed to keep the other guys away from the end zone many times. Even a funky play where the other QB fumbled the ball right on the goal line, it went into the end zone, then out of bounds. So that meant the balls was The Pack. ARodg was purrfect, or at least he had a purrfect QB rating. First time he has done this, mum says she is glad she doesn't have to figure this out, at least not in her head. ARodg has now thrown for 350 touchdowns and ran for 29!

Bucky Badger - mum was bizzy doing other stuff but glad she didn't watch. They losted in the last few seconds and to a team they really shouldn't have losted too.

World Series - The Nats and The Stros. Mum doesn't care who wins. She was happy the Yankees aren't playing!


  1. I'm thinking that you mum should give that blankie to you Ducky as the colour really suits you.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Funny enough, I have a whole blog post about kitties and humans sleeping together today!

  3. Who has been able to sample the various products on this list and can be able to pick out the best one?

  4. Gorgeous the color and the pattern. As with me yesterday, I sat reading a book, and a cat wiggled his way onto my lap, so I used him as a book rest...LOL! (The PO'M)

  5. Hey, beds and blankies are very important for all of us!

  6. don't get me started about the game the refs literally GIFTED the Packers.........that was a bunch of you-know-what!

  7. It's very kind that you let your mum sleep with you, Ducky!

  8. Your mum needs to make you one of those warm blankets, Ducky.

  9. Sometimes when Dad gets up at night, he returns to find us placed carefully on the bed (on the warmed spots) which makes it hard for him to get unner the covers again.

    He is cruel! He lifts the blankie up so we slide downhill and crawls back unner. Granted, he then calls us to nap around him an we get scritchies. But REALLY, such treatment...

  10. Humans make great heating blankies don't they. As for the World Serious (!) we are excited that our Nats are IN and of course will be rooting for them....we've given up on our feetsball team but our baseballers have a chance to make us proud so we say YAAAAAAAAAAAY NATS!

    Hugs, Teddy

  11. Hey Duckie, Has your Mom ever knitted you wool pajamas? Caroline in Toronto

  12. dood ya look good in bloo buddy !!! yur mum did an AWESUM job on yur blanket....hope her makez one just az nice for her self ;) ☺☺♥♥


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