Saturday, October 31, 2020


 HiYa Ducky here. Happy Hollow-Weenie and Happy last day of TockTober! Wow this month has gone by fast and tomorrow we are on to the month of giving thanks. 

Mum has decided not to give out candy to the little people tonight. Says she doesn't want to get close to many little kids and they don't need to get close to her either. The crazy virus is getting purrty bad around these places and mum is being super careful. 

Mum caught me the other night in a spot that she hasn't seen me in a while. I'm on the bottom shelf of the music tune player. 

I like to switch things up and keep mum guessing as to where she can find me. Hehe, gotta keep the old lady on her toes!

Waiting and counting down to the election day. Then all those icky ads on the moving picture box will go away. Mum keeps the remote close and hits the mute button a lot.

Mum has to find the hour in the clocks today too. So if you are in Americky don't forget to do that. Mum will be happy to have more daylight in the morning, she has been a slug getting out of bed the past few weeks. 

Mum likes to do puzzles so she 'acided to make a puzzle with me in it. I hope you guys like it. It is a simple puzzle to start with. Enjoy!

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask and VOTE!



  1. You look darn cozy down there Ducky. We're skipping the giving out candy thing here too, it's safer that way. We'll sure be glad when those idiotic ads are gone too, we've gotten so many robocalls we totally disconnected our telephone. Happy Halloween to you and Mom!

  2. It looks like a cosy spot, Ducky. Happy Halloween ! Purrs

  3. Happy Halloween. We like to switch things up too.

    Mom is sad that she won't be handing out treats and seeing the kids but she feels the same way.

    Thanks for the puzzle!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Happy Meowloween!
    Our TV remote mute button was gotten a workout too, Ducky.

  5. Covid is rising everywhere and we all have to be extra careful. It sounds like the whole country will be going back into lockdown again next week. I am sure if things hadn't been relaxed so quickly back in the summer we would have been in a better place to deal with it now.
    Happy Halloween, and thanks for the puzzle!

  6. Hey, Ducky - Sometimes I wish I could vote just to straighten the world out after humans messed it up so much. Happy Howloween to you!! - Tom xo

  7. You have a great spot there, Ducky. We aren’t doing Halloween either because of the evil virus. We hope you get some treats though!

  8. Happy Halloween, Ducky! I like your new spot - it looks cozy.

  9. What a great little hiding spot, Ducky. Looks like a place I'd find to snuggle up in and snooze.

  10. That is a really nice napping spot Ducky. Yes we will be so happy when the election is over too.

  11. It is important to keep the peeps busy.
    That is a cool spot too :)
    Hope you had a nice Toctober too!!
    Purrs Julie


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