Thursday, October 29, 2020

Garden Thursday

 HiYa Ducky here with the garden report. The girls missed out on a really nice day yesterday. Mum got a little bit more work done clearing out all the icky stuff she doesn't want. 

She has the gap between the two dogwoods purrty much cleaned out. Still a little bit to do but not much. 

She cut off some of the higher branches of the volunteer trees that have to go. That helps her see how much more she needs to do. 

This back corner still needs a good cut down. Most of this is woody stuff so she needs her big clippers to snip things off. Or maybe her saw. 

The grape arbor has frozen and the leaves are falling off. Mum may just let this go until spring. Not as critical as the other part to get cleared off. She wants that nice enuf to get a fresh load of mulch put down. 

Mum really enjoyed the nice day out yesterday. After she finished her chores she just sat there and enjoyed the day. Yeah, we all need time to just sit and relax a bit. 

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Wear a Mask. 



  1. Tis the season for clean-up outside. Tropical storm Zeta just went by and the wind is still blowing at 50MPH.

  2. I need to dig out some lilies; they've invaded my milkweed patch...or vice versa. But, it's hard to get out there when it's cold, blowy, and grey.
    Or...I'm lazy. Take your pick!

  3. Your mum has been busy. I need to get out in the garden and cut the clematis and rambling roses back. The continual heavy rain and gale force wind needs to stop for me to be able to do that though.


  4. That is a great report. Lots to do in a garden and Dad hopes to have his going next year. Dad sent in his Vote so we are good to go


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