Tuesday, April 16, 2013

After the HTP

Hey everyone, mum left to day hunt again. She got home about when the news came on. So she sat and watch about the booming and scary things happening from Boston. We hopes no beans we know were hurt. It is something that so many come to do from all over the place.

We both have to say the HTP was a grate success. Mum took a few pictures of the mayhem, and also commented that the litter boxes seemed awfully full for just the two of us. Plus the food dishes were licked clean. We lost count on how many kitties were here.

Matter of fact we think a few of you stayed overnight! Mum swore she saw a dark tabby or two running around. Plus it was so much fun to have THoE in the middle of the night with more than the two of us.

So here are a couple of pics on what occurred.
 The tower knocked over
 The tunnel of cubes, oh man, how did we get it up on its side like this. Must have been a group effort.
 Hey, these things aren't bad to play in when they are all askew! Maybe we should leave them like this.

Mum found some new yak on the carpet. She will have to vacuum and get the cleaner thingy out. She didn't take pictures of the paper shredding, but was thankful that we shredded the stuff that needed to go through the shredder machine.


  1. Acck, we're sorry we missed the house-trashing! Nicki is so good at knocking items onto the floor and breaking them, and Derry excels at yakking. Ah, well, next time!

    It was terrible news yesterday. A co-worker of our human's is a marathon and trail-race competitor, and though she wasn't running in Boston yesterday, she does know the others who went from our small city. They're all okay, but so many aren't. We're purring for all who have been affected.

  2. Dang it! I could have sworn we found all the yak places!
    Yeah, those tunnels really rocked.

    Our oldest boy, John, 28, almost took a job in Boston last summer, but went to Chicago instead. He has run in 3 marathons. We don't know if he'd have run that race but chances are he might have been at the finish line watching the runners come in.

  3. Sorry about the yak, next time I'll try to chew my foods, I was having so much fun!
    ~Rowdy Rupert

  4. Ohhh... I love to shred papers and scatter them all over.

  5. doodz...we bringed enuff fish ta feed 578,433,499 kittehs N we dinna have any left overz...thanx for de grate partee !!!

  6. We had so much fun at your house trashing! Thanks for having us over!

  7. Thanks for a great party, I had lots of fun!

  8. We missed the house trashing party - oh no! guess we will just have to trash Mommie's house in revenge!

  9. That was lots of fun! Rupert, next time clean up after yourself!

  10. We sure had a great time! Let's do it again soon.


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