Thursday, April 11, 2013

Garden Thursday


Hello and welcome to a wet edition of Garden Thursday. Lots of rain, which in some ways is good as we had so little rain last summer.

The snow is now 100% gone from our yard, the last little bit went away on Tuesday.

Being so wet, mum can't do much outside this week, but last week after I reported, she got rid of a tree and carpeted the garden.
Here is our little, deaded Alberta Spruce. Mum cut off the outside branches, but the trunk she needs to dig down to get it all. The ground is still a bit frozen. So maybe when it gets dry again she can try to dig.
The while working in the back yard, getting ready to put the carpet down she spied something blue. Her clippers she dropped and never found last fall. So the sat in the snow all winter.
Mum says they cut, but need to be cleaned up to get the rust off and sharpened a bit. She did buy a new clipper.
Here is the black carpet. Mum says it will help keep the weeds from growing and show off the flowers. Plus she talked to the landscape guy to come and mulch. Soon.
So that is it for this week in the garden.

Love, Virginger


  1. We say get a posse together of us kitties. We'll sharpen up our claws and dig up what's left of that little tree for your mom.

  2. It's too bad about that little tree. We always get sad when trees get sick and wonder where all the things that live in it will go.

  3. virginger...sorree bout de spruce...we loves thoze treez like de best oh all treez...we loozed a wee spruce frum de dought in de summer plus it had de nastee spider mites.....hizzzzzzzz...hope yur day iz good..meowloz ta D & D

  4. Oh oh we want to come be part of the claw digging possee, K?
    Jada and Scully

  5. TBT was walkin around the back yard and found something too. It wasn't a pruner. It was one of our missing cat collars!

  6. Looks like your mum is a very serious gardener. You'll be enjoying a landscape of glorious colours soon, no doubt!:D


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