Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

Yes we will be taking it easy again today. Not much to do for us, other than nap and mooch treats from mum. Yes we got treats yesterday, just not until later in the day.

So we will be doing this a lot today. Mum says she needs to decide what to wear day hunting and exactly what stuff to take in for the first day. Like extra pens and paper to write on! Pictures of us will follow along with her other "office junk". 

 Oh yeah, we woke up today and we had more white stuff on the ground. Yesterday's stuff melted with the tiny bit of sun we got.

 Even the poor little flowers got a dusting of white. WE WANT WARMS AND SUNSHINE!
Oh, yeah, keep it quiet, but HTP (house trashing party) here tomorrow after mum leaves to day hunt.


  1. That little pot of plant look like it's had a dusting of icing sugar. :)
    We hope you get some warm soon!

  2. We got white cold stuff too and snowing pretty good right now also-UGHHHHHH
    We got the truck all gassed up and ready to come to your party-MOL
    Jada and Scully

  3. We finally got sunshine and warm weather today! It was fabulous! Hope you get some too very soon.

    We wish your Mom all the best for her new day-hunting gig, and we'll be round for the p-a-r-t-y!

    The Chans

  4. I am SO ready for a house-trashing party! Count me in! Please stop by my blog too on Monday - I am having a fun event, and it includes a commenthon!

    P.S. Good luck to your human at the new gig!

  5. A house trashing party sounds just the stuff to me. I will be there.. Hugs GJ xx

  6. We can't wait to come over tomorrow and trash! heh heh...we imagine you Mum will have all kinds of energy when she gets home to clean up!

    Paws crossed her "first Day" goes well.

  7. Brrrrr on the snow! I will be there for the you know what!

  8. I will be over for the house trashing too!
    The sun never came back today but at least it was a bit warmer.

  9. House trashing party? Hmmmm... Sounds fun! Time to get a little bit wild. =)

  10. Best put up the paper towels if you don't want Princeton ripping them to shreds! We'll see you tomorrow!

  11. ::whispering:: We'll be there tomorrow for sure!

  12. We sends owr best wishes to your Mom on her first day of day-hunting again! We know she will be as sads to leave you as you are to see her go. What time does she leave, cause I'll be there as soon as the car pulls out of the driveway.

  13. We will be there to cellebrate too!
    Can that cutie-pie Virginger join us too?


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