Thursday, April 18, 2013

Garden Thursday


Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday with Virginger.

It is a rainy day again, some rain yesterday too. So we have to be aware of lots of water around again. What we want is some nice warm and sunny days. All in a row!

 A dust of snow on Sunday, enough! Please, no more white stuff. Back off on the rain.
 Even the little flowers out front got a dusting of snow to chill them.

Not much mum can do outside just get, so not much for me to snoopervise or report on. She is getting the hummer feeders ready to go outside.

That is all. Love Virginger.


  1. What kind of flowers do you have there so far? Our mommy loves flowers.

    It is still snowing a lot here. We are hoping for nice warm weather for everyone soon!

  2. Thanks for the garden update-
    we have rain and wind for 3 days and some s___ flurries predicted for this weekend.
    We agree-ENOUGH ALREADY!
    Jada and Scully

  3. virginger...even if ewe haz a wee bunch oh flowers ya still haz sum flowerz...we think de wee bit oh flowerz we had wuz eated by a vizshuz rabbit....

  4. We've been hoping for the hots to let up a little here. It's been SUPER HOT! Wanna swap? ;)

  5. We have finally been getting some nicer weather and spring is exploding all around us. We hope the same will happen to you very soon!

    The chans

  6. No mere dusting of snow here. Another 'dumping' of snow happening today & tomorrow. They predicted 8-10 inches but if it keeps coming down like this it's for sure gonna be more. Where oh where is spring?

  7. We've been having lots of rain and storms too. We're hoping all the rain makes everything grow!

  8. That sure is a lovely bunch of pansies and "something else". We cant tell.


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