Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday This and That

OK, not much happening. We did get a nice day yesterday. So when mum got home she opened a couple of windows so we could get whiffs. Yipee!

About yesterday's pics at mum's work.

First, the desk is neat because she isn't doing much yet. So nothing to clutter her desk, yet!

Second, one puter, two monitors. Cuz there are times she has to compare stuff and if she can see it at the same time it is faster.

Third, the orange and blue are not a match for Da Bears colors. The blue isn't that dark, it is much lighter and brighter.

We will go back to napping!


  1. Momma's desk is seldom neat. It's always full of papers. I hope she makes them into paper balls so i can play with them. Tee hee...

  2. Aren't you kitties glad YOU don't have to be in a cubicle to earn your food?

  3. You kittehz look so comfy.

    We think the cubicle looks like a great place to snooze and investigate!

  4. Our mom's desk is never clean. Maybe the first day . . .

  5. How long do you think it will be before your mom's desk is all cluttered up? I hope you're allowed to show us a pic of it once she's really settled in. LOL


  6. Yes, an "after" pic of the desk would be fun. :-)

    Our human has paper strewn everywhere, but a lot of her desk space is taken up with food and personal items. LOL.

  7. Yeah, we didn't think the blue would be "Da Bears" blue, especially in Packer territory! MOL!

  8. Glad you guys managed to clear that up before nap time. ;-)
    Jada and Scully

  9. Hi Guys! Long time, no see! Thanks for coming by to say Happy Easter. Our mom's desk is a cluttery mess and she has the 2 monitors also. Lots of pix of us, origami decorations and Honey the stuffed bear who keeps her company. You gave us a good idea - we'll do a post of it! Thanks!

    Hugs & purrs,
    Finnegan, Buddy & Princess Jazzy

  10. Open windows are great no matter what the time!

  11. D & D...we iz nappin two...we just waked up long enuff ta say we iz nappin just like ewe both...ok, bak ta nappin...haza grate day :) !!

  12. We bet it won't take long for your mum's desk to get cluttered! Maybe some pictures of you belong there!


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