Monday, April 1, 2013

Mini ManCat Monday

Nothing makes a house cozier than cats. - Gladys Taber

HiYa, Ducky here. Well our house is cozier than every for a few days since we, or rather, me has a visitor. My sweetie Dora's beans sent her off to kittie jail for the Easter weekend. So she teleported over to be with me.

Such a lovely lady cat, floofy, soft but with lots of tortitude. You caught us in a quiet moment, just snoozing before we begin to play some more.


Since Dora is here for me, Derby has been sticking close to mum. Helping her do all sorts of stuff. Or maybe not really helping, MOL. Oh and the other day, the guy with the long blu shorts did not bring Derby anything in the mail. He just hopes, and is usually disappointed.

We also want  to send comforting purrs to The House of (Mostly) Black Cats. Sanjee may be helped to The Bridge today. She is hurting and not seeing well. Go and leave some comforting purrs for her mum and fursibs here.

Plus, for the third month in a row, we posted every day! Gotta be a record for us. If you posted everyday,  please take this badge for your blog! It is a lot of work to post every day.

Happy Monday April 1. Fool's Day they say. We ain't no fools. 


  1. How nice Dora came to visit.
    We know for sure you are not fools!!

  2. If Mommy could help us post every single day for just a week, that would be a miracle!

  3. Wow, you posted everyday for 3 months in a row? That's pawsome. We'd be lucky if that SS posts for us once a month. :: sigh::

  4. lucy's mom was named dora by the rescue organization that saved them all, and that dora and your dora look so much alike :)

  5. Thanks for letting us know about Sanjee-we visited his home site to leave a message.
    Jada and Scully

  6. Look like a nice day there. Glad to meet you both!

  7. We are very impressed that you posted everyday for three months! Awesome!


  8. hope you have all sorts of april fools jokes to play...

  9. ducky...enjoy yur date dood

    wink wink ;)

    N two day we iz gonna eat sum BURD !!!

  10. Aw Ducky, how sweet for you to have Dora over.

  11. How nice that Dora came to visit!

    pee ess. We saw our first red-wing black bird yesterday. They must be making their way south now.

  12. That is some achievement, posting everyday! We only post about twice a week, so kudos to you!

  13. Wow! For three months in row? That's really a lotta work. Wow!

  14. Congrats on the Purrfect Posting Record! And we are glad Dora could port out of kittie jail an visit you.

  15. What a furry nice visit you had with Dora. Concats on that feat of posting maybe this could prod Mom to post more.

  16. We've been blogging for over 6 years and don't even have 1000 posts yet. It's 940-something so its getting close. Maybe another 2 years...?
    Say Hi to Dora from us, we haven't visited her in awhile.


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