Sunday, November 13, 2005

Grampie, the family and the Packers

Grampie was over to visit. We had to watch some of the football game for him. Thankfully the Packer's won today so he is happy. Here you can see me sitting next to him. Maybe I should fill you in on mum's family.

Well there is Grampie. He lives nearby and comes over to help mum with stuff sometimes. Other days he just comes over and they might watch the big box with moving pictures, usually sports. But mum always fixes him a nice meal and such.

Grampie just turned 90 years old a few months ago. Mum had the entire family for a visit and had a wonderful party for his birthday. She has two older brothers, Flip and Stormie. Stormie has two sons. They all live far away so they do not visit often. One of Stormie's son has a kitty named Claire. So I have a cousin in the family and you can see her picture as well.

You can also see the new collar that mum bought me yesterday. Not the nice red one that we both liked, mum has a preference for red. But a neon multi-color (the only color they had), but the bells are red. Plus my nice blue ID tag. I make a lot of noise when I walk, so it is hard to sneak up on mum. She likes that.

A special shout out to Roscoe, Opus who lived in Derbyland when they were in the United States. They now hang out in Italy. Also to Mia, Ghost, Scooby, Shaggy and Scout.

Oh, it must be getting late, mum is heading to bed. So I better end this and keep her warm in bed.


  1. Hi Derby!
    We have a great grammie who's 96. She's nice, but she thinks we're girls. Harumpf. We watch tv alot too. Mom & dad like hockey.

  2. Hi, Derby... Mom said lots of people down here didn't like the Packers win since they beat the Falcons (Mom works in Georgia).

  3. Hey thanks for the shout out!
    Back at ya from the land of pasta!
    Opus and Roscoe


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