Saturday, November 12, 2005


Wow, mum has had a very busy day. She got up earlier than usual for a Saturday. She left the house for a while but when she came back she had lots of bags. Some of the stuff was for me. :-). She said she went to two different bizaars. First one was where Grampie lives, but mum said there wasn't anything there for me. Then she went to the bizaar at HAWS. She found a few things for me. Some catnip cookies and a new collar. I liked the bit of cookie she gave me. The jury is still out on the collar. I haven't been able to work out to get out of it. Mum says that is why she bought it.

Then mum worked on the house. She got out the big noisy sucking machine and worked with that for a while, Moved some stuff around in the basement, including my litter box. Then she opened the one window and I immediatly jumped up. But that got me put in my box for a few minutes. When I got out the wind wasn't able to come through the window. Mum said she put me in my box so I didn't jump outside the house and run away.

Mum got all dressed up and went out to dinner with friends. She left me in charge for the evening. I think I did a wonderful job.


  1. Is that your new collar? It sure is pretty. I always wear a red collar (Opus likes to wear black).

    Sounds like your mum had a busy day. Thank goodness she remember you and brought you some cookie!
    Roscoe (and Opus too)
    PS. Did you know that we use to live close to the Kentucky Derby town (back in our days as Americans)!

  2. Hi, Derby... we both hate to wear collars too. They are so much trouble to get off.

  3. Hi Derby! You're a handsome fellow! You're a good helper for your mom....we try to help too, but our mom doesn't appreciate it sometimes!


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