Monday, November 14, 2005

Mummy's Home

I love it when mum gets home. I hear the garage door open, then close. Then I call to her to hurry inside. Once inside she sits down her big bag and lets me rub my scent on them. Then she sits on a chair that I can walk in and out of her legs. I get petted from nose to tail with lots of scritches on my ears and chin. She just sits and continues until I decide I have had enough.


  1. Hi Derby! Thanks for visiting my blog. We're about the same age. My mom says you are one handsome boy!

  2. Hey Derby! Thanks for postin' to our blog. You have a very nice blog yourself. Our mom got a giggle about you being a "four-on-the-floor sports model"!
    Buzzerbee & meep


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