Monday, November 28, 2005

Tag, I'm it again.

Second tag, so a new set of ansers

Favourite place to sleep?
On the couch by mum when she is reading.

Favourite music?.
What ever mum is listening to, plus listening to the birdies sing outside when the windows are open.

Favourite toy?
The cat bungee as mum call it. A feather and bell on a stretchy string that gets stuck high up for me to jump at.

Favourite food?
After gettin’ some this week. TURKEY. Real Turkey.

Favourite human?
MUM! No one else compares

Favourite game?
Hide and seek.

Favourite window?
The big windows that come all the way to the floor, I can see lots of birdies there.

Favourite naughty thing to do?
Knocking things to the floor from the table or counters.

So I tag, Oreo, TimothyDickens, Buzzerbee & Meep, WmMD and Boni.

Whew. This tag is hard work. Time for a nap.


  1. Ooops! I only just now saw this! I'll have to get to it tomorrow because my mom says I need to go to bed soon. (Actually, SHE has to go to bed soon.)

  2. Oh gosh, I got tagged twice. hehehe I guess I'll have to find new answers too! But I have to finish my nap just now, since Sanjee woke me up to do the first answers.

  3. Hi Derby

    It's me, Max, your HAWS pal. Our Mom found this neat link on Kukka-Maria's blog.

    Go to and put in your zip code. There are so many babies for your Mum to look at. Maybe she'll get you one! We're working on our Mom to get us a kitten too.

    Your friend,

    Maxwell Smartkitty


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