Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ha, You Missed Me

Just a few shots where the cat is quicker than the flashy box. :-}


  1. We do the exact same thing when my mom tries to take our picture.

    And oh! oh! oh! We had a whole family of hawks this summer! They *do* eat little birds and that made me pretty sad. But they were my pets. And they were really awesome to watch too.

  2. Derby!
    How did you learn that fabulous trick?! Please tell me a'cause my Momma is forever clicking that awful flashing box in my face.

  3. That is too funny! Roscoe likes to play that game, but almsot always pose for the cammera! You make us laugh!
    Opus (and Roscoe)

  4. Good one, SassyCat! I need to be quicker too, my mom is always bringing the camera out and flashing it at me.

  5. oops - it is an ear. Sorry - but Mom did say you were quite handsome.


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