Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Winter is Arriving

Mum got out her winter coat today, mittens and earmuffs. To bad hu-mums don't come with a nice fur coat like us cats. Although I will take my winter looking at it through the window. Not like Shaggy who likes going outside in this weather. But we don't even have snow on the ground yet.

I managed to get mum to take off my new collar. Houdini strikes again. Saturday a string was loose and I got a tooth caught. Mum managed to get that off without problem. But tonight I was working at trying to get if off and got my tags caught in my mouth. So to keep me safe mum took it off. Seems the length slipped so I could get this in my mouth. I am hoping she will give up trying to make me wear a collar. She wants me to wear a a collar so I make noise and can't sneak up on her. But that is the most fun.

Extra cuddles, sandpaper kisses and purrayers to my mum's friend Barb. Barb's mum passed away yesterday.

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  1. Hello purrty kitty! I saw you on another cats bloggie & thought I'd come say hi. Come see me sometime.


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