Friday, November 18, 2005

Guilt Trip

It is a good night, I've got mum on a guilt trip. She left for work this morning and didn't see that I was in the closet. So I spent the whole day shut in. I spent most of the day napping. Not much else to do. I did dig up a bit of the carpet egde but mum didn't seem to be upset by this.

So when she came home I was not at the door to greet her. But I let out a meow and she found me real fast. So since she felt so bad about shutting me in all day, I got some special treats. TUNA, cheese and chicken. I have to try sneaking in there more often if this is what I get. YUM.


  1. We hope you are ok. We like to take naps in the closet because it is nice and dark. But NEVER if the door is shut! We hope you weren't afraid.

    Enjoy the tuna. Milk the guilt for all it is worth (no pun intended).
    Opus and Roscoe

  2. Did you use a shoe for a litter box?

  3. That's happened to my sister and if it weren't for me telling Mom, she would've gotten stuck all day too. Most she's been stuck is a couple of hours but she entertained herself by pulling all Mom's sweaters off the shelves and sleeping in the pile of them!


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