Friday, November 11, 2005


Ahhh. Friday night, time to relax. But mum came home and cooked which she doesn't usually do on a Friday night. Which at the end I get to sample some of the stuff. Mum gave me some cheese. Yummy.

I found a fellow adoptee from HAWS today on a blog, so check out the gang at Crew's Views. My current mum is actually my second mum as my first had to give me up when she moved into a place that would not allow kitties. Mum found me at HAWS and picked me. It made me very happy to come to a nice loving home. All of you go out and check out your local shelter. There are always kitties who need a good home. I asked if mum would get another kitty, but she said I am more than enough for her. Aww mum, wouldn't it be even more fun if there were two or more of me?

Mum got a good picture of me taking a nap with one of her many teddy bears (she collects them). One of the times when she has caught me snoozing. She thinks that this is one of the best pictures she has taken of me. I was holding still and got her two favorite things in the same picture. I like the blanket that is on the bed. Grammie made it for my mum many years ago. Grammie isn't alive anymore, so this reminds mum of her.

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  1. Hi Derby

    We looked at your Catster page. Tipper thinks you're very handsome.

    We agree with you and think you should have your own kitten. Kittens are definitely great fun! Maybe our Mom might get us one in the spring after our Dad's leg is all better.

    As soon as Mom fixes the links on our blog, we'll link to you, too!

    The Crew
    George, Tipper & Max


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