Saturday, November 26, 2005

Charlie's Tag Game

Oh yeah, I forgotted to post my ansers to Charlie's tag game.

Favourite place to sleep?
On my mum’s bed with the teddy bear

Favourite music?.
What ever mum is listening to. Classical, musicals, Michael Crawford, Frank Sinatra, Beatles

Favourite toy?
My blue mousie

Favourite flavour of Stinky Goodness?

I don’t get to eat Stinky Goodness. I get dry kibble, but get treats like scrambled egg, tuna, turkey, cheese

Favourite human?

Favourite game?


Favourite window?

You mean I can only pick one? Mum’s bedroom window, I can see the birdies from there and jump on mum’s feet as she lays in bed.

Favourite naughty thing to do?

Run after mum and pounce on her feet.

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