Saturday, November 26, 2005

Careful There, Little Guy

Whoops, I was just trying to catch the mouse cord to get control of the 'puter when I slid off the couch. With no claws I slowly slipped to the floor. Short trip so no damage.

Mum doled out some more turkey tonight for me, with enough left for another day. She says I eat turkey faster than I eat tuna. Well, I don't get it as often. And mum doesn't feed me enough to make me sleepy, Oreo. Matter of fact I was just chasing around some of my toys, the blue mousie, a jingle ball and the inside cardboard from the toilet paper.

It snowed yesterday, mum says we got about 3 inches. She moved the snow off the driveway and brought some in for me. It's cold and wet, what would I want to do with this stuff? I am an indoor cat, keep the outside stuff outside.

OK, mum is done with the dinner dishes, time to act like I wasn't using the 'puter.


  1. Can you cme over & wear out Scout for us? You sound a bit on the wild side too. Scooby & Shaggy

  2. That is why mum considers me to be "sassy".


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