Monday, March 19, 2007

ManCat Monday - Mystery

"The only mystery about the cat is why it decided to become a domestic animal"
Sir Compton Mackenzie.

Well, duh. I have someone who caters to my every whim. Why not?! I am a spoiled little kittie. I like that!
Plus Simba at The Weekly Hairball had a recent post of what he would look like to a mouse. He looks furry manly and if I were a mouse, I would be scared!

Bucky did not do well in the brackets. So no more games for them. Guess we will have to find a new team to cheer on. Any suggestions?

Mum wasn't around for the game at all. She wented out for the day with furiends for a long lunch. She said they had Italian food, surrounded by lots of Italian cars both Ferarri's and Maserati's. Both street and race cars. Plus lots of Aston Martins. Mum says the cars costed more that our house did. So she won't bringing one home any time soon. Gotta win the lottery first I guess.

Plus, we totally blew by our 15,000 visitor sometime in the past week or so. I totally missed it!


  1. That is a very manly picture, Derbs. I like your name tag, too. I really like your Mancat Monday feature!

  2. You are looking very manly, Derby

  3. You are the very picture of a Big Man Cat, Derby. I checked out Simba's pictures of him from a mouse's point of view and he looks terrifying. I don't have any suggestions for another team to root for. I'm glad your Mom had such a nice lunch.

  4. Hi Derby! Happy St. Patty's Day to you! Yore new snuggle pillow looks furry comfy and it does look reely good wif yore colors.

    Pleeze aks yore mom to tell Andie Pandie's mom there are some fings to try befor they send him away.

    One is to play a reeely long time wif him at nite befor bedtime and get him nise and tired so he sleeps wen the beans do. My mom has to do this wif me becos I get antsy pants if I'm not tired and then I bite her or chase her.

    Some ofur things to try are to have a timed feeder, maybe rite owtside the bedroom dore, that opens up and feeds A.P. at the time he is ushullly waking up the dad bean. And there is a toy for woofies calld a Kong that you put some dry foods in and the woofie plays wif it and the foods come owt. Mom made me one from a toylet paper role and cut holes in it and taped the ends shut. It gives me somefing to do wen she's gone during the day. THey cood give him that only in the erly morning. aNd he's prolly bord or needs someone to play wif, so the bestest bestest thing to do wood be to get him a brofur or sisfur! But they prolly don't want to do that.

    We sure hope Andie gets to stay wif his beans, I'm sure they love him.

    Yore frend Buddy

  5. Great pictor, Derby! You look quite manly. I's still werkin on lookin manly an not kittenish.

    Bummer bout Bucky. Is it time fur tub hockey yet?

    When I realized I was nearing 15,000, I forgotted an when I remembered to look, I was #15,000! My own 15,000th bisitor!

  6. is it okay to tell a Big Man Cat that he's cute? cause that's a totally cute picture of you!

  7. 15,000 bisitors?! Wowy!

    We likes the pillow yer momma made you!

  8. You look do fetching with your red collar, Derby.


  9. You look very manly Derby. I bet mousies run at the sight of you.

  10. Yup, if I were a mouse I'd be terrified! Yoo do look furry manly.

  11. I just noticed your tag has your *name on it - that's cool, Derby! What were you thinking when that photo was taken?

  12. Very manly, as always Derby!!! Might I suggest that you cheer for the Ohio State Buckeyes now that you need a new team? Bunny Daddy is from Ohio so we root for them. Apparently a Buckeye is a nut or a tree or something so that means it's EDIBLE.

  13. Nice mosaic table you ae perched on there Derby. We don't know basketball, but mom & dad went to the final five tournament in St. Paul. The Sioux won one & lost one. Now they are at the NCAA Tourney. We hope they can win there.

  14. Dat's a good manly looking pichur of you. We like yer new pillow too.


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